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The Jezebel Avatar (Audio)

1. The negative female avatar whom is locked into a world of CCDD, tangible and material items and vanity in order to keep Mason further locked into a…


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The Mad Hatter Avatar (Audio)

The Mad Hatter Avatar

1.  The concept of being "stuck in a timeless loop", but not being aware of it.  Not being aware of change and how concepts, information, and cultural phenomenons can become obsolete.  This can also known as "The Chronic". 

2.  The fourth…


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The Bastard Language Lit (AUDIO)

The Bastard Language Lit Audio:

1. The "lockdown" of your imagination due to the fact that the English language does not hold enough letters and words to express the much more powerful feelings, emotions, and expressions that your original mind has.…


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ABSOLUTE TRUTH CLASSES-The Definition of What is Taught

This show is asking the question of "What is taught?".  How do people learn?  How does age effect how we learn and what we are taught?  Are we truly gods or are we men?  Is it better to think that you are a god or man?  How do you control…


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Time Travelling (Special Edition)- HOODX Pipebombs Supreme Being

This is a special edition of HOODX Time Traveling, featuring the second pipebomb of Supreme Being.  


This link is sponsored by HOODX Apps.  



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