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Time Travelling (Special Edition)- HOODX Pipebombs Supreme Being

This is a special edition of HOODX Time Traveling, featuring the second pipebomb of Supreme Being.  


This link is sponsored by HOODX Apps.  



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General Invitation

We are looking to expand our team to between 12-20 people who are interested in becoming part of a startup. The opportunity is being posted as a "learning opportunity" for the following reasons. 

What we do for you?


- We will be paying for you to travel to various networking events

- We will provide you with a training educational tool 

- We will provide you with personal financial advice…


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Rappers response 1

Thank you for submitting your music video to appear on the national television show, HOODX Backstage.  After reviewing your video, I am happy to report to you that your video has been selected to appear on our national television show, HOODX Radio TV.  This is the first step towards earning a spot on HOODX Backstage.  Congratulations!

Now that your video has been selected to appear on HOODX Radio TV, don't stop there!  Submit your video to HOODX Radio TV by going…


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Are Black Revolutionary and Conscious Groups Really Supporting White Supremacy?

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with FUTURE OF MENTELLECT RADIO on BlogTalkRadio

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Wood Wizzard the future of Chicago Hip Hop?

This is the official album release of Wood Wizzard's LP "D.R.U.G.L.I.F.E."

Artist: Wood Wizzard



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Oprah Super Soul Sunday

This is a good episode about spirituality…


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Where is HB The Mealticket?

The Future of the HOODX Westcoast CEO is Unknown

Hasan Blount aka HB The Mealticket is an independet rapper from Tacoma,…


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Wood Wizzard Gets Fired as King of HOODX

Wood Wizzard Gets Fired From HOODX

Last week, in a controversial move, HOODX officially fired Wood Wizzard as king.  He was replaced with 400 Block Music…


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Donald Sterling Fired!

Donald Sterling Has Been Banned For Life from the NBA

In one of the most bizarre scandals in NBA history, Donald Sterling, former owner of the LA Clippers has been banned for life by the…


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Mimi Faust and Fiance Nikko SEX TAPE!

Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

Stars of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith decided to provide us all with a little entertainment outside of VH1, and recorded their own hot sex tape, which we have an EXCLUSIVE clip of!

This snippet has everything! Nikko eats Mimi out, they have sex in the shower, as well as do the nasty deed doggy style! It's all over pretty fast…uh, we mean the clip, not their sexual…


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Welcome to HOODX!





Your membership means a lot to us at HOODX.com...  


This is why we are asking you to go hard for us this week!

We want you…


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E Jilla and 400 Block DJ's presents "From the Booth to the Stage"

E Jilla and 400 Block DJ's presents "From the Booth to the Stage".

Live streaming video by Ustream

We are broadcasting LIVE from Chicago Right now!

Subscribe to UStream and sign up for HOODX.com…


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Black People: Don’t Buy the ADHD Hype; Grades and Academic Performance Possibly Linked to Genetics

Given the problems that have been negatively impacting the U.S. education sector and disproportionately black children, any information that may be used to assist and improve academic performance is good news. Scientist have  just discovered that variations in the dopamine gene may play a role in the poor academic performance of adolescents.

Researchers at the Florida State University conducted their groundbreaking analysis using DNA and lifestyle data from a representative group of… Continue

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Facebook Email Blasting Algorithm 202

FOR Facebook Blasting 101 GO HERE.

I am a lazy bastard. There I said it. I don't like writing long articles. And I know you hate reading long articles. But here is the thing. Most blogs don't like the writers to Write short articles. This is because the longer that you stay on their…


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Business 101: Starting Your Business (Underground Railroad Radio)

Last night I was on a talk show with a brother who likes to argue. Listen....


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Why New Rappers FAIL

Why New Rappers Fail: Three Reasons and Solutions

Despite the title of this article, the purpose of it is actually to HELP new emcees AVOID some common traps on their journey to learning how to rap better. You can come up with a million reasons why new rappers fail…or why any artist fails for that matter, but we’ve boiled the list…


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Hidden In Plain SIght

Read the article here!

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How to Get to the First Page of Google

If you don't know how to get to the first page of Google, then please understand that you are wasting your time. Read is article:


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Your New Rap Factory E-Wallet Account


Here is your link to sign up for your Empower Network e-wallet account.  This is how you will get paid for attending our events.  This also grants you membership to the Rap Factory for 30 days.  If you sell a Rap Factory e-wallet…


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