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From the heart of the Midwest comes an artist by the name of Cuzz Cuzz. Coming from a family of three boys raised by a single mother, Marcus Taylor knows the struggle and wanted a financial change for the family. Cuzz Cuzz started rapping in high school at a lunch table with friends. His freestyles had the kids going bananas, therefore his career… Continue

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Active in music and entertainment since age 15, SirDevon has opened for major household names such as T.I, E-40, Kid Ink and has performed in major festivals like Summer Jam, Juneteenth and a featured spot at the Brooklyn Unity Fest. SirDevon's music is about his life stories, overcoming obstacles, success, love, heartbreak, and creates music for…


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MellowGrady Groove is getting ready to release his visual to his song "Energy".  The song has a calm, relaxed vibe to it and feel the energy that comes from the beat and his actual lyrics.  His positive thinking and what he raps a out is relatable and catchy.  Make sure you go stream Energy…


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Chicago native Holla G Dotta is back at it again, his song Feel Good is about to break 100,000 streams! This song has an overall real "feel good" vibe to it. He is talking about daily life and getting to that bag. This is something everyone can relate to.…


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Pretty "PK" Kitty


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Nydia London is absolutely making a name for herself.  Hailing from the Show Me State, this Saint Louis Queen is putting her talent out there and running her team with the best.  With her newest single “On Gawd” catching on at local showcases in the city, it’s also playing with major air -time on a few international stations, and most recently…


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Blacc Widohh intertwines intriguing concept and sound design in ‘Blacc Widohh Presents The Land Lord’

Missouri, United States Aug 26, 2021 (  - Dominating the scene with her compelling musical structures, a nationally recognized DJ, PR person, and C.O.O of O.M.G…


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United States, Maryland, Aug 11, 2021 ( – A long celebrated name in the genre of

hip-hop, Maurice Jones, most popularly known as Kilo M.O.E., is a seasoned artist who has been

producing great music through the years. The…


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L Meezy & Trew

"The grind is real" quoted Trew, one of St. Louis rap underground's legendary street emcees. "Stay da same never change", quotes L Meezy, also part of the most coveted St. Louis underground rap listeners in city history. Both emcees rep hard where they are from: Northside 88 Lane. As solo entertainers and with groups like Chop Shop…

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10 pm is a pull up and vibe out song for a little cat and mouse action. Dwaine C once again delivers with his immense range of vocals. The flow of the lyrics, and the beat chose helps put together the storyboard for this song. Dwaine C set the bar for all of the real women to be picked up at 10pm.

Stream via…


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Joseph ‘Mojo’ Drew is a Native Son of the Sioux and a proud Irish descendent. Born in Kansas City, Mojo’s 14 year music career has surpassed a lot of other artists. His music aesthetics reach worlds beyond our own. He has mastered the strumming of the guitar, and the harmonizing of his sound with his instruments. He has figured out a way to bring…


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Jlynn has a story to tell, as do most artists, and she relates her past with her passion for music. Born in Califormia, but growing up in Texas, music has been helping and affecting Jlynn since an early age. Her music helped her get thru her past, and now it helped heal her in the present. She has a very versatile and unique sound and her range is…


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Ha$h Beeb$ is one of those slept on artists- the kind that you overlook and realize afterwards you should have given him a chance. He comes from New Mexico by way of Colorado and his presence is felt. He has only been in the industry a little over a year and has already been making a name for himself. His first show sold out and reached capacity. He…


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Check out this West Coast rising star, Chevii Y. B. His lyrical flow is very versatile and runs smooth over the beat that was chosen. His choice of the beat goes along with smoking, a super chill ride out and vibe song. He speaks on hustling for his and how he deals with day to day life smoking that Toxic going top speed, way to the check, yes…


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Jhiakhana - Sun Tzu (feat. BDOTLEE)

Jhiakhana representing the northern part of the Midwest in the state of Michigan, drops a banger featuring BDotLee. This song has a very chill vibe, a ride along song, and an East Coast influenced beat. This song and the tempo will bring back memories of years past. His lyricism is spot on and can hear hints of Mos Def and Pharaoh Monarch. The hook is…


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Road 2 Riches- Black Mike

Black Mike keeps coming out with hits. His newest single "Road 2 Riches" dropped December 18, 2020 and is projected to surpass his last single “Raincoat” in streams. The lyrical flow and the choice of verbiage in his verses are impeccable throughout the entire song. Once again, he demonstrates he is a true artist, both singing and rapping on this…


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Lessons N Luv

Welcome to the world of Milwaukee sensation, Donovan Sherrod. His newest single “Lessons N Luv” off of his newest project “Mixed Emotions” will have the listener feeling his mood and passion within the song. The melody and lyrics go hand in hand, and the project overall is heartfelt. The part that sticks out the most to me is

“She made me realize love…


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