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Said Something

Nferno’s newest track, Said Something, has that matter of fact feel to it. Reppin’ his home state of Alabama, he talks about people who speak but don’t speak up to be heard. In which he is referring to “Said Something” Nferno goes hard on the beat selection to match up with his passion on his verbiage throughout the whole song.

Catch Nferno…


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D.O.P.E LADY BOSS @paladyboss at it still

D.O.P.E which is an acronym for Do Our People Equal. This is a motivational and powerful Pro Black song. It speaks on society and what is going on in the world. It talks about the rights, wrongs, and speaks on how we can make it D.O.P.E. The words are powerful and Lady Boss puts so much passion on her verses, its undeniable that this track came from…


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AmerJe, Northern California's slept on songstress and rapper extraordinaire, has come back with a new song. It has the cadence, lyrics, beat, and hook for a Worthy Woman's anthem. Callback Boy is about a man who isn't worth a woman's time- kind of a new age "Scrubs". This is a song you can see women dancing and singing along to and twerking at the…


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Welcome to the world of KiidTruth, one of the hottest Independent Artists coming out of Montana. He brings out vibes and a similar approach as Drake. He can sing and rap, which sets him apart and ahead from other acts. The beat selection for “Mood” is as smooth as his acting in this video. The song starts off with a catchy verse “She told me she loved…


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Irony- Medusa The Goddess

“Lookin cute, straight edges, Yea you know she sittin’ pretty”…. Medusa The Goddess comes in straight off the rip stunting on the competition. Her newest project entitled “Irony” is a seven hit wonder of the World. Dropping her lead off single as the first track with the self title “Irony”, it is a song that you can vibe and dance to. This may…


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If Only Time Could Tell

Joe Boii, coming straight out of the South’s hot spot of talented artists, this Mississippi native never fails to disappoint his audience. This well thought out EP explains a journey, a life, that has been lived and survived through. His catchy hooks, crisp beats, and the lyrics that flow smoothly over it all, is one for the books.



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Oppressed Royalty

Welcome to the world of Ohio's elite- King Patrick 330. His flow is a lyrical letter. This song is a passionate pouring of the struggle of the Black Man and the Black Community all over as a whole. He walks you through the day in the life of the aspects of the way society sees the Black American. The hook is catchy " Reduced from Kings and Queens to…


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