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A Creative Force Defining the New Groove of Hip Hop: Dynamic South Carolina-Based Artist Itz MK Groove Set to Enthrall

Bringing an authentic spirit to the world of Hip Hop, Itz MK Groove is dramatically rising to the top of the charts, with his own characteristic style

Laurens, Sc — January 31st, 2022 – A wonderful new addition to Hip Hop, Itz MK Groove brings to the music realm a distinctive and thoroughly exciting musical character. With sounds and rhythms that are well rooted within the…


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Up-and-Coming Artist Uses His Career to Tell Stories as Much as He Makes Music: Wibby White’s New Single “Soo Alone” Out now

Wibby White’s new single “Soo Alone” takes his dark moments, and invites the listener to be there alongside him

Miami, Florida — Wibby White with his new single “Soo Alone” is ready to take on the world of R&B as he journeys within himself. To bring to the forefront a musical experience that will have his listeners not only coming…


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The Upward Ascent of Independent R&B Icon: Eclectic Artist Kaisuan Unveils Exciting New Album

Heralding the release of his full-length album, “Evolution”, dynamic artist Kaisuan is sending ripples in the industry, with exciting new releases

JACKSONVILLE, Florida —January 29th, 2022 – An eclectic name in the R&B world, Kaisuan brings with his music a strong narrative relatability, enriching the genre with his storytelling skills and talents. Inspiring listeners to embrace their individuality through emotional undertones,…


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Hinesville, Ga — Dis Artist is energetic and smooth with a versatile style of rap.

KDAWAYY is a versatile artist dat can switch between multiple flows. If you’re looking for an energetic and smooth feel, this is your go to artist. He has music on all platforms such as apple, spotify, pandora, etc. Kdawayy is working on an Upcoming album and is planned to drop soon.

Work for what you want cause it feel better when you win in the…


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In An Exhilarating March Release: jac0lbe Strives For A New Benchmark With Latest Single ‘Jeepers Sleepers’

Through the language of Hip Hop and Rap, the artist’s radical and endless artistry continually sweeps the floor for the listener

Lubbock, Texas — January 30th 2022 – jac0lbe appeal rests within the truth and purpose he wears on his sleeve like a badge of honor. The reverence jac0lbe  pays to his struggles and purpose brings him into the limelight of rap and hip hop and placed higher when compared to his…


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Gripping Instrumentation which builds onto Invigorating Hip Hop: Rising Rap Artist ShaMegga Releases New Album

Under the helm of Savvy Music Publishing, Hip Hop’s promising new force, ShaMegga is set to magnetize listeners with his stirring instrumentation and lyricism

Utica, New York — January 24th, 2022 – A stimulating and powerful addition to Hip Hop, rising Rap and Hiphop rapper, singer, and producer, ShaMegga is driven to succeed. With his new mixtape sending waves in the music world, the artist conjures a rhythmic blend of…


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New music coming in from female rapper GangaLee

Tampa, FL — GangaLee (pronounced G0ng-a-Lee) is back with new music. This Bronx Bred female rapper has international collaborations with producers and rappers from as far as Paris France to Tampa Bay. After being off of the US music scene since the Pandemic hit, she is now back with some insightful music to get us through these times. Get familiar with GangaLee and her unique approach to Rap/Hiphop.

This phenomenal female rapper has been making a…


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Banger After Banger Alert With Challenge Da Boss

Indianapolis, IN — When that Challenge Da Boss come on at the clubs, it’s a real turn up. All the ladies start bouncing, so it’s really lit. Banger after banger, Challenge music go hard. Tap in now, don’t cheat yourself.

Challenge gears his music to high spirits. With such a catchy voice and vibe, Challenge da Boss is a definite green light when choosing an artist or song. Go stream Chickee or On’a Pole now on all platforms. You’ll be hooked too.…


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Home grown and should be known!!

Atlanta, GA — Not too old to be a rapper.  Seventeen is not your average age for a coming rapper, but he still wants to be heard.  Anthony Powell otherwise known as Seventeen has a very emotional catalog of songs from his life experience.  Seventeen feels like fans will grow with his music as he did making it.

Anyone will be able to relate to Seventeen from love gone wrong to the love of his children, this storytelling rapper truly expresses himself…


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Hip hop Fans are in For a Treat – Rising star TKOBOI redefines The Standards of Hip-hop music

Weaponizing his versatile skillset, Timothy Welch wins hearts by inspiring artists through his music

Victorville, CA — January 15th, 2022 – Despite the many hardships he faced in his life; from the loss of his sister to facing trouble from gangs and working hard each day in a hospital to support his family, Timothy Welch remains firm on his mission to inspire artists to do better and achieve their dreams. It is unlikely…


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My Name Is My Name Theodosius

Camden, NJ — From a little city named Camden in New Jersey,  Theodosius grew up through some of the worst times and parts of the city. Where He found music to escape the reality of the world.

The first single he put out is called ,”Mind playing tricks/ nightmare.” This song will take everyone on a trip through his mind on how he didn’t realize what he was going through before it was to late. He put it in a song so you can feel the pain he…


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Is Catastrophic Ready For The Stage?

Waco, TX — Nowadays, hip-hop artists have taken everyone by storm. Everywhere one turns, they find a new hip-hop artist who has their own story to tell through their music. Catastrophic Dalphenî is an urban storyteller and hip-hop music artist with a story of his own.

Speaking of best rappers, Christopher Smith Catastrophic grew up on the Mean Streets of East Waco, whereas a preteen he was immersed himself into a life of hustling. He comes from…


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Heartfelt and Moving Tunes for Listeners to Revel in: Aurelieus6’s Soulful Rap Captures the Masses

Exciting new releases such as “Body” and “Takers” are inspirational tracks that spread the message of love and light to the world

Atlanta, GA — March 2nd, 2022- Recent singles released include “Body” and “Takers” both of which are curated to inspire a feeling of love and friendship through hardcore hip-hop. This eclectic artist is most notable for the construction of rap that touches on the subtle themes of life in a…


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Hip/hop Star Kski, Drops Music With Some Big Names.

This artist has made a big impact on the music industry, and is building good relations.

Hip/hop Artist Kski, from Marton, New Zealand, has songs with, Run DMC, Krizz Kaliko, Big Twins, Kurupt, Sticky Fingaz, Young Buck, Swifty Mcvay, Yuk Mouth & more.

These Artist’s are known for Topping the Billboard charts. He is the first independent Hip/hop Artist from New Zealand EVER, to Drop hits on the network US Hip/hop Artist’s.



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Staying True to His Purpose by Making Original Music: Presenting to the World K.B

Through the help of compelling compositions released over a period of time and a lot more under works for future releases, up-and-coming artist K.B. is well on his way

Houston, TX — Emerging artist K.B. is a true force to be dealt with in the musical world. With especial expertise in various genres and excelling in a significant number of musical aspects, the artist is considered very well-equipped with skills that are required to…


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Igniting Inspiration through a Prophetic Musical Vision: Wise fool and Mo Better Illuminate the Pathways towards Light

With a dynamic new style of R&B, Rap, and Reggae, singer-songwriters Wise Fool and Mo Better craft music with a life altering vision through new release, “WHOS

Ennis, TX — Crafting a memorable and mesmerizing R&B and Reggae spirit, Wise Fool and Mo Better are driven to inspire prophetic introspection. Changing the world one step at a time with their unique musical ethos, the duo is set to magnetize listeners with soulful…


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The music you need to hear in ‘22

Independence, Mo

Coming out with street anthems like “Toxic B***h”, Cezar Godbody is an artist that you are going to want to add to your playlist. With a very consistent rate of dropping new music you are guaranteed to find something you like and love.

Dec. 3rd Cezar was featured in VoyageKC Magazine, Where he talks about his early life’s pains, struggles and success and things…


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Leading the Return of Pure, Classical Hip Hop – Talented New Orleans Artist Norm The General Enthrals Audiences in Latest Album

With the release of his 10th album, Norm The General is quickly cementing his place in the hearts of fans who enjoy up-beat, rhythmic music

New Orleans, LA — January 24th, 2022 – Norm The General is an established singer, songwriter, and producer, who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. On December 31, Norm The General released his 10th album – a self titled release…


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Yehtrow Lyn Taking Spotify By Storm With Single Release “Sweet dreamz”

Fort deposit, AlabamaIndie hip hop artist yehtrow lyn is releasing his new single, sweet dreamz , off the back of his 3rd album W.M.I.Y which gained attention from Blogs such as, broken 8 records, sc hip hop top 100,geechee one magazine , Rai radio , the dream hustle win podcast and more and to date has received 300k streams. Let me know if you’d like to set up an interview with yehtrow lyn, or if you would like more…


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A Musical Effort 25 Years in The Making: Rising Alternative R&B Band Seal Party Announces new album

Seal Party brings you a mesmerizing new album titled‘MMVVII’,  The sprawling work features Rock, Soul, and R&B elements, combining great writing and musicianship with a style that is at once playful and rebellious.  

San Francisco,…


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