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Brotha Yannick Creates Award-Winning Pop Music

Bringing Hip Hop a much-needed feel of authentic and raw lyricism, Brotha Yannick uses musical compositions to narrate important messages and stories

Santa Maria, CA – February 19th , 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist and musician, Brotha Yannick is all set to use his musical compositions to highlight the trials and tribulations he has felt throughout his life and the obstacles he has had to face.

His musical albums remain unique and…


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'For Ever Phamou$' - New Album Released by Mr. Phamou$

Minneapolis, Minnesota - New Age Rap isn’t the most universally accepted genre. Many rap fans are clinging to the past, claiming these new age rappers to be mere shadows of the legend from before. However, artists like Mr. Phamou$ are reminding everyone why new age rappers aren’t meant to be taken lightly.

Mr. Phamou$ is a New Age Rapper from Minneapolis who has been recording music since 2017. His aim is to create original music that gets his audience up and…


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New Album From Musiq/Musiq Records

Musiq/Musiq Records Releases New Album and Record Label

Baker, Louisiana - February 14, 2021 - There aren't many record labels that simultaneously promote themselves and their artists. Fewer record labels actually have all their artists collaborate on one album. Musiq/Musiq Records is breaking all these stereotypes and doing something completely unique. Whether it is R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, or Soul, there is every imaginable genre under Musiq/Musiq…


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Meet The New Rapper Taking Over Mississipi

New Rapper Thug Releases New Music!

Winona, Mississippi - Hip Hop and Rap have never faded from the spotlight. For a good few years, the music created by rappers and artists from the genres was groundbreaking. From social justice cries to heart-wrenching tales of heartbreak, the genres had it all. Now, there’s a new artist, Thug, who is joining the ranks of these legends.

Thug is a new emerging rapper and hip hop artist who has big…


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Creating Fresh and Striking Rap and Hip-Hop Music: Presenting to the World Yuce’s New Album “Talking Bout”

With strong and unique vocal brilliance and absolutely stunning craft and lyricism, Yuce is all set to take the Rap and Hip-Hop musical industry by storm, creating musical compositions that not stimulate and inspire listeners

Boston, MA – January 29th, 2021 - Taking the Rap world by storm, Yuce’s stunning new album having released on 31st December 2020 is sure to take the up-and-coming singer and song writer to new heights. The fresh new…


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New Single Titled "Fake" From Chichi Marie

The story of two lovers. “Fake” by Chichi Marie featuring Paul Wall

Houston, Texas - February 15, 2021 - Love has always been one of the biggest inspirations for artists. Many artists have written out love stories in the form of the catchiest tunes today. Another artist who’s telling a story about love and heartbreak is Chichi Marie.

A story of heartbreak in a song is extremely popular among an audience because of how many people…


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Presenting STIN, the Up and Coming Rapper

Look Out for STIN’s Latest Hip-Hop Releases

Newport Beach, California – STIN is a musician who used his years of experience writing as a sportswriter to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a songwriter. His musical talent and creativity have allowed the artist to produce music that captivates listeners with catchy tunes and relatable lyrics.

STIN's most famous song yet is “LUST”, with over 74,000 plays on Spotify. The chill hip-hop…


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Tony T To Drop New Single Today!

Fayetteville, NC - February 14, 2021 - Passionate about his music, life, and the struggles that come with it, Tony T draws listeners in with his raw beats. His music strives to push the borders beyond entertainment; it works to create a connection with those listening to it.

Tony Torrino, better known as Tony T is an R&B and Hip Hop artist who writes from the heart, and sings with breathtaking intensity. In a saturated genre, Tony T’s music stands out…


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New Artist Jr Da Artist

Meet Up And Coming New Rapper Jr Da Artist

Southeast, Washington D.C. - Storytelling has been around for centuries. Whether they are told as paintings or in music, telling a story, particularly your own, is always exciting. Jr Da Artist is telling his story through his music, and it’s a story everyone needs to hear.

Jr Da Artist is a new artist that primarily makes music in the Hip Hop and Rap genres. With influences such as Tupac,…


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NickyP’s “Biologics” is a Fresh New R&B/Hip-Hop Musical Composition

With a memorable R&B and Hip-Hop vibe that rings, NickyP is all set to become the next best addition to the energetic and thriving genre with his far-reaching and striking vocal range and lyricism

Oxnard, CA - January 26th, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist and potential R&B and Hip-Hop fusion powerhouse, NickyP, is a remarkable new addition to this dynamic and entertaining musical genre. Always laid-back and smooth-sailing, NickyP would…


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New Single From Ameerah The Songstress

First of Seven, Ameerah The Songstress Releases New Single “Everything”

Los Angeles, California - Philanthropy and music have always gone hand-in-hand. So much music is based on the real issues that plague our society that philanthropy has become a part of the industry. Someone who has truly melded their passion for music and philanthropy is Ameerah The Songstress.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Ameerah The Songstress is a versatile…


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New EP From Larry Brock

Artist Larry Brock Builds Suspense For The Release Of EP 'AnR Dreams'

York, Pennsylvania - Music, like the world, changes with the times. As the music industry grows and evolves, artists are finding it harder to box themselves into mainstream categories as per management's wishes. Artists like Larry Brock prefer to be left uncategorized rather than be fitted into an arbitrary box. Larry Brock is very much a modern artist. While the world…


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Meet The Artist T. Ledger

New Music Coming Soon From Artist T. Ledger!

Werribee, Victoria - Rockstars are born, not made. Every so often, an artist is just born for the stage, and new artist T. Ledger is definitely one of these rare artists. Hailing from Australia, T. Ledger or Trev Llyn is an upcoming musician and author. This multi-talented artist is nothing like the mainstream artists that have come out of the country so far—mainly dabbling in genres such as Hip…


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New Album From Kevlar

Kevlar Launches Album 'Martial Law' and Clothing Line' Cold Hearted'

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The old Hip Hop is slowly slipping away. The biggest names in the industry are slowly being left behind, simply being known as the greats. If there's someone looking to bring back that era of Hip Hop and Rap, it is Kevlar.

Kevlar, aka Justin Burch, is a musician that aims to bring back that era of Hip Hop that left him inspired and motivated…


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Hip Hop Artist Mike Multi is Bringing Higher Vibrations to the World

The man of many things has overcome many obstacles and is ready to motivate and inspire

Newark, New Jersey  - Music has always been a source of comfort and hope for those going through tough times. Artists have created music that shares the experience of their lives to help those going through the same situation. Another artist who is showcasing his life through his music is Mike Multi.

Mike Multi is an hip hop artist who puts his…


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S.C.R.D. Releases New Single, "Feels Like"

New Single “Feels Like ” By S.C.R.D. is out now!

Los Angeles, California - January 29, 2021 - To say that 2020 was hard is an understatement. The pandemic managed to bring the whole world to a stand-still. At a time so bleak, artists pushed through to create and express in different mediums. S.C.R.D. is the perfect example of an artist who used a bleak situation to make a silver lining.

Following up on their Christmas day release of…


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Up and Coming LGBTQ Artist Blonde Sherese Impresses With Her Inspirational Music

Groove to the fearless beats of Blonde Sherese's latest album, 'Underneath' and watch it take your breath away! Stream the album now!

Columbia, South Carolina — Music can soothe scars from the hardest battles in life. Blonde Sherese, an inspiration to the LGTBQ community, is a singer and songwriter from Illinois. She has made a significant impact in the hip hop and rap industry with her splendid tracks.

Blonde Sherese's first single,…


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