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Up and Coming Dancehall Reggae Artist Makes Listeners Groove With Style

Sway to the versatile beats of Sauce Perreler's latest music and watch it make you dance along! Stream the latest singles now!

Gwynn Oak, Maryland — March 2021 —  Music made with love strikes the heart's chords. Sauce Perreler, born in Cowley District, is a rising, new-age Dancehall Reggae artist. He has made a considerable impact in the Dancehall music industry with his refreshing pieces.

He first emerged in the Dancehall industry,…


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Meet The Southern Hip Hop Savior Nony1

Prepare To Know The Uplifting Artist Nony1

Athens, Georgia - You are never too old to pursue your passions. While the world can feel like a difficult place, seizing the opportunities that present themselves is part of what makes life worth living. Upcoming artist Nony1 is seizing his opportunity with both hands.

Nony1, which is short for Anonymous One, is an upcoming Rap and Hip Hop artist based in Athens, Georgia. The artist has…


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This Young Phenomenon Is Ready To Conquer It All

Young sensation Sa$ha Lee, rapper and artist, has an important message for all

Charlotte, North Carolina – March 29th, 2021 – Six-year-old Sa$ha Lee Simmons is making waves with her passion for singing and performance. The young rapper recorded a seven-song album titled 'Paint the World' during the pandemic last year. Having also co-written the album, the young performer’s motivation was to paint the world through music. The Album ‘Paint the…


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Soulful Passion Connecting Life’s Journey through Musical Compositions: Presenting to the World Ms. Elly

A hidden gem from Queensland, Ms.Elly masterfully and effortlessly creates stunning and memorable musical combinations that meld and marry to produce some of the finest and most rich music.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - March 8th, 2021 -  Budding singer Ms.Elly is a talented powerhouse of Hip Hop and Rock music, creating music that not only exudes the most fun and thrilling vibes but is also memorable. Ms.Elly is a cross-genre multi…


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Poet of the Nations - Blackspeare Creates Magic with Hip Hop and Soul Musical Compositions

With tracks that inspire, enthral, and excite, budding artist and composer Blackspeare is on the right track towards success and acclaim as he continues to produce one hit single after another in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap

Birmingham, AL  - March 13th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Blackspeare is a true sensation when it comes to dynamic and unique Rap and Hip-Hop music. From his stunning beat-boxing abilities that he…


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Melding and Mixing Exciting Rap and Reggae Compositions: Presenting to the World Lorenzo White (Londysruckus)

Creating enthralling tracks one after another, the talented Londysruckus is all set to become the next multi-genre sensation with memorable Hip Hop, Latin, and R&B compositions that highlight personal struggles with stunning scores

Brooklyn, NY - March 15th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Lorenzo White "LONDYSRUCKUS"  is on the very front of today’s stunning independent musical sensations. The iconic powerhouse of talent is…


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90’s Street Style Inspired Electronic, Hip Hop, and Soul Music

This new artist is set to make a mark with his distinct style

Toronto, Ontario – March 19th 2021 – For most people, their music taste experiences drastic shifts and changes as they enter new life phases. For this artist, however, the story is a little different and unique. The story of the solo artist, Loc'in On The Shaw, goes back to his early teens, back in '89, when American rapper Tone Loc's album, 'Loc'ed after Dark' came out. This album…


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Introducing the Indie Hip-Hop Artist, Sachey

Check Out Sachey’s Hot and Trending Hip-Hop Music

Columbia, Tennessee  – The artist describes himself in six words – “Stylish — Always — Courageous — Hustler —Earning — Yearly." Hence, he came up with his artist name, Sachey. Sachey is a hip-hop rapper who leverages his indelible, life-threatening experiences to write grade A trap music.

Sachey’s biggest hit till now is "…


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Introducing MEAN Mo, a Hip-Hop Prophet

Check Out MEAN Mo’s Releases for Spiritually-Tuned Hip-Hop Music

Washington, D.C. – March 21, 2021 – MEAN Mo is a hip-hop artist that brings a whole new meaning to the world of hip-hop music. The artist first got an itch to be a lyricist when he heard Wu-Tang Clan at a young age. Since then, he has created music that empowers listeners with spiritual insights while maintaining raw hip-hop integrity.

'Solar Instinct Vol. 2' is the…


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Inspiring Rap Combinations that Speak Magic: "Who I Am: A Self Love Project" Out Now

With rich and stunning musical compositions that span vary from striking Pop and Rap to R&B, Mr. Pope is set to be recognized as a seasoned musician and artist in the musical industry

Chicago, IL – March 19th , 2021 - An up-and-coming artist and musician, Mr. Pope is a true inspiration for those looking to hone their talents in Rap and inspirational R&B music, having created stunning masterpieces one after another. Mr. Pope's…


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Introducing JBOYBOSSAZZ, Milwaukee-based Hip Hop R&B Artist

Check out the New Album Boss Mode by Milwaukee Rapper JBOYBOSSAZZ

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Taking inspiration from Milwaukee city, artist JBOYBOSSAZZ’s new album is a treat. The album Boss Mode is a unique collaboration of Milwaukee's hottest talents to create fresh music. Being passionate about music and his roots, artist JBOYBOSSAZZ is all about exploring themes that influence his personal…


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Rhythmic Hip Hop and Stunning Rap Music Compositions: Presenting to the World Dirty Dante’s Fresh New Album “The Goodie Room”

Blessing fans of Hip Hop and Rap Music with beautiful and hip tracks, Dirty Dante is all set to become the new face of the genre with striking and wonderful tunes and lyricism that cannot be forgotten

White, South Dakota – February 28th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dirty Dante is on the right path towards excellence and fame, as he brings back much-needed strength and authenticity to the genre of Hip Hop with his beautiful and…


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Envisioning A Better World Through Music

Demanding change and pushing back against marginalization through rap and hip hop

Brooklyn, New York – March 15th, 2021 – Change is now, demands the artist who goes by the name, The Messenger. Activism-oriented and with a strong purpose inspiring his music journey, the singer/songwriter has taken to a mix of hip hop and rap styles to express his frustrations on people of color's continued marginalization. With a particular focus on black and…


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Presenting Sell-A-Tron, an Upcoming Rap Artist from South-side Chicago

Check out the New Single Rap song from Sell-A-Tron that will move you.

Duluth, Minnesota - March 9, 2021 - Being an artist for over seven years, Sell-A-Tron brings rap and hip-hop songs that are bound to leave you wanting for more. A firm believer in challenging yourself to change yourself, Sell-A-Tron’s music will change you for the better.

With the powerful hip-hop beats combined with the…


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Creating Vibrant and Stunning Hip Hop and Rap Compositions: Presenting to the World America’s Rising Star - Jerzey B

Creating stunning and memorable Hip-Hop musical compositions that not only create a fun and striking musical experience but are also interspersed with relatable and thought-provoking lyricism, Jerzey B is all set to soar

Orange Park, Florida – March 3rd, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and song writer, Jerzey B is on the right path towards becoming a sensation in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap, producing and creating stunning and iconic musical…


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New Single From Rapper Sonny Daytons

Sonny Dayton Releases New Single “Stop Running Your Mouth” Available Now!

North Franklin, Connecticut - The music industry has been cited as one of the hardest industries to succeed in. It takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to stay strong in the face of rejection. Sonny Daytons is willing to do anything it takes to succeed in this unforgiving industry.

New York has come to be idolized by the world. Sonny Daytons wouldn’t…


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One Man Show Artist Released New Album

Authentic, different, and all on his own – artist K.G. is refreshing rap.

Louisville, Kentucky – March 5th 2021 – Dedication, belief in one’s capabilities, and persistence define artist K.G.'s musical endeavours. The artist has several skills and accomplishments in his repertoire, all which are a result of his philosophy: he is a rapper, singer, producer, graphic artist, publisher, actor, and CEO of N-Sane Records and R’Shard…


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Vibrant and Stunning Latin Hip Hop and Reggae Combos: Presenting to the World D Gringo

Creating masterpieces by variations of the rich and varying genres of Hip Hop and Reggae, D Gringo is crafting his own independent and unique musical identity, while navigating the groovy and exhilarating genre of Latin music

Toa Alta, Puerto Rico – March 5th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter D Gringo is one of the best new additions to the rich and fun genres of Reggae and Latin music. Armed by a talented and prolific producer…


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Discover The Next Big Thing in Contemporary Hip-Hop and Pop With Driip

The upcoming Florida musician transforms multiple genres to create a sound you have never heard before

Florida – March 22, 2021 – Fluid genres, progressive styles, and introspective compositions, laced with emotionally-rich verses create the sound of Dade County artist Driip.

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Alternative artist Driip released his first project DripDrop in 2020,…


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Go on a Spiritual Journey With Street Rapper Turned Christian Artist Lucky Luciano’s “Beloved”

The Mexican rapper releases his debut album ‘Exodus’ to Glorify God through artistic expression

Houston, Texas – March 01, 2021 – Upbeat rhythmic arrangements, exhilarating faith-based verses, funky melodies laced with positive messages and transformative tempo construct the incorporeal sound of Lucky Luciano’s latest album ‘Exodus’

The former secular rapper and songwriter Lucky Luciano has written…


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