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Unique Hip Hop Blends that Inspire and Captivate: Emerging Artist Chil Wil Set to Unveil New Album “Mid City Pack”

With a drive to establish his unique and inimitable musical identity, budding singer and songwriter Chil Wil is on the right track as he sets his eyes on the release of scintillating new album “Mid City Pack”.

Lansing, Michigan - April 30th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Chil Wil is driven to become a powerhouse when it comes to crafting unique and exciting musical compositions, bringing…


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It Is Going To Be A “Shake Boy” Summer With This New Release

Artist Buck Breeze releases a hot new single

New Haven, Connecticut – April 30th, 2021 – Upcoming artist Buck Breeze has announced the release of his latest single, which is also the Shake Boy second single. The first Shake Boy single was released earlier this year, in April. It gained instant success when it was released, reaching over a thousand streams in its first couple of days only. The Shake Boy movement would be incomplete without its…


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Minnesota Is On Fire Again With A Minnesota Native Awol Releases His New EP Eclipse

St.Paul Minnesota  Artist Making Waves Through New Music 

St.Paul, Minnesota  Artist Awol is all set to release his latest EP, Eclipse on May 5th 2021

The High energy, Artist Awol's music has a enormous backstory filled with a lot of loss, grief, and sorrow. As an indigenous rap artist, Awol was born in the Shakopee prison and was sent off to live with a foster family. He lived away from his mother till she got out of prison. Reunited…


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Independent Artist On His Way To Becoming A Sensation

Unsigned, fresh, and talented – hip hop and R&B singer-songwriter LeeSon Bryce

Greenwood, Missouri – April 30th, 2021 – Artist LeeSon Bryce is an independent, up-and-coming musician in the hip-hop and R&B music scene. With big goals and strict deadlines to adhere to, this young phenomenon is one inspirational individual.

LeeSon Bryce's music is a blend of rap and rock music and has often been likened to the work of Kendrick…


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Rising R&B Star TheTonyTyme Releases New Single, “No Stress”

Listen to TheTonyTyme’s Latest R&B and Dancehall Take on Feel-Good Music

Hartford, Connecticut – Tony Tyme or TheTonyTyme is a budding R&B artist who grew up surrounded by a mixture of cultures. He absorbed the musical environment from his childhood days that always included upbeat dancehall and soulful gospel music. This allowed the artist to create unique music that is incredibly diversified.…


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Hip Hop / Rap New Age Artist Releases A New Album

Pat Phinney releases his first children-friendly music track yet

Boston, Massachusetts  –   April 20th, 2021  –  Musician Pat Phinney is all set to drop his latest track, "Phinney's Modern Life." This single is the second song of his second album to date. To be released in 2021, this track is expected to be the hottest track yet from the performer. Interestingly enough, Phinney has not used any explicit language to express himself in this…


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Enthralling and Scintillating Reggae Compositions: Madi Simmons Unveils New Track

With eclectic and refreshing musical compositions, Madi Simmons is creating a unique position for himself in the genre of Reggae, developing his musical prowess and distinct Caribbean styles.

McKinleyville, California - April 26th, 2021 - An up - and - coming sensation Madi Simmons is all set to become a budding and electric powerhouse when it comes to refreshing and dynamic Reggae music compositions. Motivated by a passion to craft the most…


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Flaming into The Music World with a New Single; Hip Hop Singer Moh Flame Is Ready to Entertain His Fans.

Moh Flame is all set to release his new single. With his exemplary skills, he is ready to target music fans all over the world. He plans to release music that makes people want more of his records and find artists who would collaborate with him on his musical journey.

Richmond, British Columbia – April 23, 2021, Mohammad Flame. Better known by his Stage name Moh Fame is all set to entertain the music world with his new single coming out soon.…


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Creating Unprecedented Waves in The World of Hip Hop: Up-And-Coming Artist CEO9ELEVEN Is All Set to Make A Scene in the Industry

Breaking into the world of Hip Hop and Rap, CEO9ELEVEN is ready to make a name for himself, as he continues to enthrall and inspire with soulful lyricism and songwriting that is both inspiring and motivating.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - 23rd April 2021 - A rising talent in the sphere of Rap and Hip Hop and (all that lies in between), budding singer and songwriter CEO9ELEVEN is quickly…


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Inspiring and Refreshing Hip Hop Music: Rising Artist Ju Beanz Releases New Single

With his insatiable passion to spin magical stories with Hip Hop and R&B compositions that are relatable and stirring, growing sensation Ju Beanz is ready to flourish and inspire.

Detroit, Michigan - April 23rd, 2021 - Driven by a enthusiasm to improve, evolve and create the most stunning and raw Hip Hop music, Ju Beanz is all set to become the finest addition to the genre of Rap and R&B. The budding new artist is rightfully using the…


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D-Legend’s "Celebration Of Life" Is The Anthem To Live By

D-Legend Hot New Single " Celebration Of Life" To Be Released Soon

Miami, Florida  –  April 23rd, 2021 – Artist D-Legend is ready to promote his new single, "Celebration of Life." This catchy composition was produced by Nacho Typical and Looch from Miami Beach Recording Studios. Bound to be enjoyed by various audiences, the artist welcomes all to give his new track a try. D-Legend's music is an ode to life. Listeners who want to feel inspired…


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Multi-Talented Artist, Murks, Is Ready To Redefine Creativity

Owner of GRIA – Gotta Risk It All – is bound to impress

Chester, New York – For rap enthusiasts searching for refreshing talent, there is some good news up ahead. Artist Murks is all set to release his latest single, "IM BACK," soon. If you can't wait for the newest single, feel free to check out the artist's YouTube channel to play his previous tracks.

This independent, up-and-coming artist is a man of many talents and has taken it…


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Creating Ripples in The World of Hip-Hop: CODE GAME COSI Releases Ambitious New Single

Making a name for yourself in the unforgiving world of Hip Hop isn't the hardest part, maintaining it is - and CODE GAME COSI does just that with his newest single "Opps". Reinventing Saran Rap for the masses, CODE GAME COSI continues to make big leaps in his music career.

Atlanta, GA - April 9th, 2021 - An up-and-coming artist/songwriter, performer Justin L Bryant, known by his artistic name CODE…


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Coming Up Next: HipHop & RNB Rapper

Artist McWeezy knows how to add chill vibes to playlists

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana – April 21st, 2021 – If you think Rap is not a relaxing genre, think again! Artist McWeezy is adept at composing songs that make the listener easily move to the beat and relax. His latest release, the track "Regain 18plus", which was released on November 21st last year, is the perfect song to vibe along to. This hip-hop rap genre music, produced after careful…


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Get to Know Hott Kitty Kat, The Upcoming Female Hip-Hop Artist Going Viral Everywhere

Female Hip-Hop Artist and Hit Song-Maker Hott Kitty Kat is Hip-Hop’s Hottest Upcoming Talent

Los Angeles, California – Hott Kitty Kat has known she was destined for the limelight ever since she was a teenager. Since then, she has consistently been working towards her goal and has now caught everyone’s eye, leading to her raking up millions of streams on her songs. Though an excellent musician, her…


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Versatile Rap Artist Releases Hot New Single

Looks like it is time for a playlist upgrade with artist Yung Tae’s music

From Monessen, Pennsylvania – April , 2021 – Artist Yung Tae is all set to release a new Mixtape on the 30th of this month, with plenty of musical talent packed in it. Titled "Back In Mode," Yung Tae has produced the track in collaboration with Tommy Cole, Jbrown, YT and D1MediaGroup . Audiences, especially those who will be listening to his music for the first time,…


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The Compelling Story of VP Casso, His Brotherhood, the “COUNCIL”, and His Latest Single, “YOU”

Get Ready because VP Casso and His COUNCIL are Bringing the Heat with His Fire New Single!

Yuma, Arizona  –  April 28, 2021 – VP Casso’s musical journey started at the youthful age of 12 years old, finding both solace and inspiration in beats to get through a tough upbringing. Overcoming all hurdles, he has evolved into a gifted artist as well as a classy businessman. VP Casso is now looking to be the…


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Mesmerizing Storytelling through Hip Hop and R&B Fusions: Emerging Artist Shorty Bralik Releases New Album

With a dynamic and eclectic grasp over the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, rising sensation Shorty Bralik is all set to break through once again with the release of a sensory and soulful new album titled ‘Bralikworld”

Norfolk, Virginia - April 21st, 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist Shorty Bralik is changing the contemporary Hip Hop scene, crafting unique and soulful musical…


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Quarandreaming – Leading The Way Out Of The Pandemic

Music is secondary to the movement; Vamargi Lanino business partnership and new music release

Atlanta, Georgia  – April 25th, 2021 – Artist Legrand, one of a kind, is ready to make waves in the music industry with his unique approach. It’s not just the artist’s music – it is also about the philosophy behind it. A staunch environmentalist, and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his music career to reflect his underlying values and…


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Rejuvenating and Inspiring with Rich Hip-Hop Music: Rising Artist Gunna Black Releases Stirring New Single

Gunna Black is no stranger when it comes to crafting the most inspirational and riveting tracks in the genres of Rap and Hip-Hop music, continuing his streak with the release of his stunning new track “Do Sum”.

Bessemer, Alabama - April 17th, 2021 -  An up-and-coming singer and songwriter Gunna Black is driven to break into the genre of Hip Hop and Rap, as he melds and…


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