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Artist Mystorwe All Set To Release A New Album

Presenting the work of Splitfinga Entertainment owner & Streets Love Life HipHop Artist 

Spencer, Oklahoma – May 14th, 2021 – Artist Mystorwe, founder of Splitfinga Entertainment, has released his latest album, 'Universal Language.' The talented hip-hop and rap artist is fast on his way to receiving widespread recognition and appreciation for his work. The first-ever album Mystorwe, released via Splitfinga Entertainment, was titled…


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Creating Ripples In The Dynamic Hip Hop and Rap Industry: Rising Superstar Shyerome Unearths Enthralling New Single

Shyerome, with his newest single “Somebody”, has proven that not only does he mean business, he is also not taking any prisoners and aims to inspire with his lyrical abilities.

Houston, Texas – May 14th, 2021 – Shyerome is a rising talent who knows how important it is to put in the work and respect the grind, day in and day out. As an up-and-coming hip hop and rap phenomenon,…


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Aspiring Artist Amdy Releases A New Inspirational Song

This artist knows how to offer the best through his music

Rowlett, Texas – Emerging artist Amdy has released a new single titled "Tell Me Tell Me," an interesting blend of reggae and R&B music. This single was written, sung, directed, and arranged by the artist and showcase his style and technique. Following an easy-going, conversational style, the single has an enjoyable, upbeat melody that listeners will enjoy.

Amdy's interest in…


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Artist Marlon Simpson Releases New Single, “Simple Way”

Soul-stirring, booty shaking, and thoroughly enjoyable

San Jose, California – October 15th, 2020 – Artist Marlon Simpson has released a new song, "Simple Way." The lyrics, vocals, and the bass of this funk-pop track were written and performed by Simpson, an indicator of the artist's multiple talents. The horns section was arranged by Mark, guitars by Art, and drums by Gary. This composition was recorded under the skillful supervision of Don…


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KB8 Fuses Soulful Hip Hop With Rap To Inspire the Masses

Making his mark in the varied and exhilarating genre of Hip Hop and Rap, KB8 is sending waves throughout the industry with a unique and soul-stirring take on fan favorites.

Sumner, D.C. – May 10th 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter KB8 is marking his big break through with a series of fresh and iconic singles that fully encapsulate his unique and memorable musical prowess. Intent on imbuing the genre of Hip Hop and Rap with a soulful…


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Artist John Dee Releases Drop A Hot New Single, “Shake That Ass Girl”

This artist is all about the sensual pleasures of life

Albany, New York  –  Artist John Dee has released a new single, "Shake That Ass Girl'. A new artist, John is enthusiastic about spreading his single to audiences who enjoy rap and hip hop genres and favor lighthearted, catchy music geared towards living in the moment. The erotic, sensual, and enjoyable, all sorts of audiences are expected to appreciate this new single. However, it must be…


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Worlds Collide: El-Jay and LA Buck Collaborate to Unearth New Single Surprising their Fans

Who said Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover ever? The hip hop industry has seen some historic collaborations, but nothing beats a surprise team up and sudden single release. There are no better witnesses to the excitement and thrill of such an occasion than the fans of El-Jay and LA Buck when they first heard about the new single titled “I’m That Winner”.

Los Angeles, California – 9th May 2021 –…


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New Album From Bryan Woo

Bryan Woo Releasing His First Full Length Album ‘Less Of Me, More Of You’

Alameda, California - February 20, 2021 - Rappers have an image that surrounds them. It isn’t always the most pleasant image; however, they all have one thing in common. Rappers exist to tell the world their stories. Their music and words are meant to evoke passion and emotion in their listeners, and Bryan Woo is one of the best around.

Bryan Woo is an Oklahoma…


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Former DaBhann Member Michael “Sparkey” Drakes Is Back With A New Single That Is A Tribute To George Floyd And The Black Lives Matter Campaign

Michael is a Caribbean singer who believes that music and its style can be turned at a three sixty if conscious and meaningful lyrics are added to tunes. He believes that the lyrics of his music set with a unique tone and beat will set his music apart. He wants the readers to feel his music but in a unique way.

New York, New York  – Date---------- Michael Drakes was born in Guyana which is in South America but because of South America’s ties…


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Inspiring Positivity through Electrifying and Rapid Fire rap flows! Emerging Artist Drae Mizphit Unveils Sick New Album!

With his stellar collection of 48 stirring singles, Drae Mizphit puts on a show of unique talent, highlighted by Rap and R&B music, which is both enthralling and engaging, rooted within his own stories.

Phoenix, Arizona - May 5th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and song writer Drae Mizphit is changing the scene for Rap and Hip-Hop music, as he unveils a refreshing and characteristic new R&B and Hip-Hop record. Having independently…


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High-Energy and Captivating Hip Hop and Rap: Rap God 88Tum Rah Unveils New Single

Highlighting immersive and blazing music, coupled with strong and dynamic Rap vocals, rising new artist 88Tum Rah is all set to break into the genre, as he stuns and amazes with the release of new single “Middle Of Da Map”.

Sedalia, Missouri - May 5th, 2021 -  A rising new face in the magnetic and stirring world of Hip Hop and Rap music, up-and-coming artist 88Tum Rah is all set to inspire. Underscored by a rich and authentic vibe, the…


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Introducing the Next Big Name in The Hip Hop Industry: Mone Symone Is Set to Take the World by Storm with Her New Release

A multitalented strong force battling structures of disenfranchisement as she marks the steep ascent in the world of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul- Mone Symone is determined to challenge the odds as she aspires to make it big in the industry with her latest release, ‘Need Somebody’.

Atlanta, Georgia  - 30th April 2021 –  Stories about women making a name for themselves in an industry as male dominated as the sphere of hip-hop and R&B are…


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A Ray of Hope for Beginners in R&B and Hip Hop: Ambitious Talent Raymouton Unearths Poignant New Single

Music, at its best and most personal level, is a medium to not only speak to the soul but also a language by which hearts connect. It is a testament to hours of hard work and creative grit and one’s personal struggles, defeats, and victories. This is how Raymouton perceives music, and how he brilliantly reflects this ideology in his impressive new single ‘Used to Be’.

Stockton, California – 26th April 2021 - …


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Seeking to Provide Motivation and Inspiration Through His Words, Introducing to The World Mr. V. Banks

Mr. V. Banks is an emerging artist, producing music in experimental, Hip Hop and rap genres. Banks describes his music as therapeutic and claims that his sounds can boost the productivity levels of the listeners.

Houston, Texas –    Mr. V. Banks is an emerging artist who is passionate towards working for his career in music. He is a single father who is raising triplets. According to Banks, his triplets are his main source of motivation.…


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ComeCreate With Illbadaa – A Hub Of Audio & Visual Genius

Illnadaa and Stichnit’s hip hop production company hitting the movie production scene

Stone Mountain, Georgia  –  May 1st, 2021  –  Music and visual art are two media forms that are never too far apart – and as any music lover will agree, good music must accompany a good video. Artists Nigel Greer and Stephanie Greer are a power duo who bring the two art forms together. Owners of a small production company, Illbadaa, aka Nigel Greer, and…


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Budding Artist Releases New Single This Year

Otto Kash is passionate about his music and has plans to take it to the next level

Macon, Georgia  – May 1st, 2021 – Fresh, purposeful, and versatile – this is one of the most accurate descriptions of the artist Otto Kash. This new and upcoming artist composes in the genres hip-hip, R&B, and rap. Passionate about music, Otto Kash has just released his first music project, a new single, which is expected to be widely received.



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