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A Bold, Pure, and Profound Commitment to Love One Person for Life- Grammy Ballot Artist Ron Delivers New Single “Promise”

A testament to the essence of true love, Ron’s fervent songwriting and magnetic use of instrumentation exhibit the craft of an artist who is here to stay

Edmond, Ok —May 31st, 2023 – A powerful voice, a talented star, R&B’s front-man Ron is captivating listeners with his heartfelt and soulful new music. With the release of his new single, “Promise,” the artist invites an air of nostalgia and delves into the power,…


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Viral Rappers Robbie Tripp & Lil Seeto Make Waves In New Music Video

Las Vegas, Nevada — May 19, 2023 – Rapper and internet personality Robbie Tripp has released his collaboration with viral freestyle rapper Lil Seeto with a single and official music video titled “Money Honey”. The official music video premiered simultaneously with the single’s global release on Spotify and Apple Music, and was shared across Tripp’s social media platforms. With over 2 million TikTok followers alone between Tripp and Lil Seeto, reactions to…


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A Pioneer and Trailblazer in Oaktown Funk and Hip Hop- Keen Pro Records’ Keenan Foster Presents an Impactful New Single

Titled “Oaktown Funk” and featuring an enviable fusion of styles and rhythms, Keen Pro Records newest drop is paving their way towards success

Oakland, California —May 22nd, 2023 – Conjuring infectious, stimulating, and thrilling soundscapes, Keen Pro Records’ iconic talent, Keenan Foster is onto newer avenues with his scintillating Funk portraits. Looking forward to the drop of his inventive and striking. New release,…


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Humorous Spin on Old School Rap to Deliver a Compelling Mix – Thee Immortal Mr. Miraculous Delivers New Single

A light-hearted, hilarious take on the beloved genre sees ‘Thee Immortal Mr. Miraculous’ enchant audiences with a brilliant, refreshing release

Norfolk, VA —May 12th, 2023 – Bringing an infectious, energetic, and distinctive original vibe to the world of Hip Hop and R&B, Thee Immortal Mr Miraculous is building a reputation which upholds his intriguing identity itself.

With his exhilarating and hilarious new spin…


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Aussie Rap Artist Breaks The Glass Ceiling With Brazen Single Drop

Melbourne, VIC, Australia — The Australian Music Industry seems to pale in comparison when compared to the magnitude of the US.

Independent Rapper ‘Trix William’ re-iterates the necessity of the grind despite it seeming redundant to attempt to garner attention on a global scale.

For him, the appraisal of the industry leaders, or lack there-of, is inconsequential, he’d rather not live then fail to put out anything at all.



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Igniting Profound Awe of Christ through Stirring Gospel Music – Magdalene Ngala’s New Track “His Goodness” Embraces Love

Taking Gospel and Soul music to new dimensions, Magdalene Ngala affirms how her inspiring tracks are rooted within God-endowed revelations

Worcester, MA —May 13th, 2023 – Glistening like a gem, RevelationMado’s eclectic artist Magdalene Ngala is a talent unlike any other. With music that continues to resonate deeply amidst fans who harbor a pure and deep love of Christ,…


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Tcm Justice to Releases New Single, “I Like Yhu”

Rockford, Illinois — No niche artist Tcm Justice confesses his love in a playful yet creative new record titled “I Like Yhu” – Dropping On May. 5th, 2023.

“I Like Yhu” is a song born out of a developing love for a close friend… What was originally just a chorus for a YouTube video 3 years ago is now a fuller more meaningful confession of love. Having a fear of rejection, Tcm Justice turned to his notepad to convey what he’s been too afraid to say out…


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You know in life are people they will just hate you but as time goes they will realize that you are unshaken when they fall you going up

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa — This track is all about haters on person whow is strong and high motivated to achieve more in life

Yeah on this track there is so much  when it comes to lyrics and production everything fits in like hand and glove its just simple and dope

Even though is tough I will keep going sky is limit the Lord is my witness

This track its produced by a Grammy nomine Wyshmaster and Ukrainian composer Igor…


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If you see the light, you see I reflect it.

Chicago, Illinois — Can you survive Chicago? As SG Johno grew to mature having a positive impact has always been a definite goal to obtain.

If you’re looking for positive entertainment you have found it. You can locate updated information on Facebook on SG Johno’s profile.

“Got my silver spoon off the ground, wiped it off then I start eating”

”I’m a diamond in the dirt that’s rinsed off b***h I’m super clean”

As he strives to be…


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New Heat From ELIXCASH Coming Soon On New Self Titled EP

Atlanta, GeorgiaEli was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca.  For the past 6 years he has lived in Atlanta, Ga., is taking over the music scene, and fits the overall vibe read in the synopsis!

This is the music you listen to after making a lot of cash. AKA Money Counter Music. With a chill yet vibrant sound, Eli mixes rap with some of the most eclectic vocals ever heard. Eli has…


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Turning Gospel Rap Up a Notch with Inspiring New Perspective- BA Warrior Drops New Single

Having experienced the trials of ‘the drug life, the thug life, and life on the streets’ BA Warrior is all set for the modern spiritual war

Atlanta, Ga —May 1st, 2023 – Delivering bold, unrelenting, and authentic songwriting, B.A. Warrior is a Hip Hop-Gospel singer-songwriter who has a magnificent story to tell. With recent release, “The Reason I Praise,”…


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