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A Self-Made Recording Artist with Mesmerizing Stories to Tell: LollyPop Unveils Catchy Dance, Electro-Pop Blends

Through her latest album, “20/20”, LollyPop captures a range of emotions, genres, and stories, embracing her own unique musical style

Middle Georgia, Georgia — June 19th, 2022 – LollyPop is an independent artist who is curating enriching Dance, Pop, R&B, and Electronic musical compositions. Lollypop’s career originally started with gigs in indie modeling, independent recording, filming, writing, and marketing.…


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Brooklyn, NY — THISMINORITY shares creations in order to put you in YOUR PLACE…

This PLACE is one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took him a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why he creates what he creates.

The reason This Minority’s face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the…


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Blending Southern Hip Hop and East Coast Rap: T-DUBB Drops New Single

Narrating detailed stories with electrifying beats and fresh rhythms, T-DUBB reinvents Hip Hop with a unique style

Newport News, Virginia — June 20th, 2022- With the release of his invigorating new track, “Cocky”, Hip Hop and Rap artist T-Dubb and Lightz Out Entertainment are introducing the world to a gripping new style of Rap. A prolific singer-songwriter, T-Dubb…


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Carefully Crafted Hip-hop Music That Inspires: Rice Releases A Hit New Single Speaks On Integrity, Love, And Respect.

“Juice” is a cleverly crafted musical piece that centers on the injustices of today all of which are highlighted through catchy musical tunes and lyrical depth.

Webster, MA — June 28th, 2022- Rice is a new up-and-coming artist who has worked exceptionally hard to be able to relay the right message through the music that he crafts. The rising star believes that his musical craft is both critical of…


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Heralding a New Era of Hip Hop and R&B Music – All Gutz No Glory Productions LLC Inspires A New Wave

‘Investigation’ is an astounding single that has fans begging for more

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — All Gutz No Glory Productons LLC. Is one of America’s leading entertainment companies in 2022 today. Founded in 2019 by CEO Bernard ‘Nizzy’ Woody as a Full-Service Management, music publishing and entertainment company, the organisation has seen tremendous growth in the past 3 years and is now considered to be one of the most…


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A Blazing and Fiery New Face of Hip Hop: Gino White Unveils a Striking New Music Video

Complemented by catchy and compelling visuals, the hip music video for “Gotta See It Through” marks Gino White’s stunning new drop

Pulaski, TN — June 17th, 2022- Back with a stunning new music video, Gino White is taking over the Hip Hop world with smooth and powerful vocals, set against rich and vivid visuals. A dynamic new release, “Gotta See It Through” features…


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Hip Hop Finds a New Voice of Impactful Storytelling: General Styles and G.I.H.U.L Ent Promise Stunning New Music

With a rich range of relatable, heartfelt, and compelling musical compositions, General Styles is taking over the Hip Hop world, one track at a time

Baltimore, Maryland — June 22nd, 2022 – With a series of powerful and captivating singles such as “Blake Griffin”, “Exotic”, “Turnt Up”, “Never Told Her”, and several others gracing his roster, General Styles is no new…


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An Eclectic Mix of Country, Hip Hop, and Rap Music: Liljeremy j Releases Music That Inspires, Innovates, and Impacts.

This collection of music is colored by the simple social justice cause of using music to alleviate the conditions of the distraught in society.

Batesville, Mississippi — June 22nd, 2022- Liljeremy j is an inspiring new artist who locates his musical vision in the use of musical tunes and inspirational messages to be able to help homeless and needy people. By this, the rising star…


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Innovative Mix of Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, and Rap Music: Jpaul Releases A Hit New Album That Celebrates Faith.

‘ReBel’ is a fresh new consortium of music that tells the age-old story of goods triumph over evil with a refreshing adventurous twist.

Florissant, MO — June 22nd, 2022- Jpaul is a young up-and-coming artist who realizes that the true strength of music lies in its artistic ability to tell a good story with honesty and detail. It is in this unique story-telling ability of art that we can…


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Listen to Hip Hop Protege’s album First Class

st louis, mo — There is a need for Hip Hop to reach the next level.  The perfect artist to help music reach the next level is Hip Hop Protege’.

Many music listeners are waiting for a big song.  They actually show enthusiasm while every word is being said.  They don’t have to search anywhere else.  Hip Hop Protege’ has arrived.These are facts and fiction is dead…

The goal is to entertain the soul.   The love of music needs attention.  Once you…


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Music That Inspires, Innovates, and Impacts: David Glow Releases A New Hip-Hop, R&B, And Rock Music Album.

This new album is a consortium of music that delivers the message of truth and positivity through lyrical depth and musical harmony.

Plainfield, Illinois — June 7th, 2022- David Glow is a new up-and-coming artist who produces music that comes straight from the heart and ventures to inspire listeners through the message of happiness. The artist sees music as the…


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Igniting Love and Laughter with Vibrant Hip Hop and R&B: Pluto Gone Inspires with New Music

With fascinating new EP, “Heaven Sent”, Pluto Gone showcases a unique palette of song writing and composition, winning hearts and souls

Key largo, Florida — June 17th, 2022- Up-and-coming musical prodigy, Pluto Gone is sending ripples in the music industry with a powerful new EP titled, ‘Heaven Sent’. A collection of 5 enriching musical compositions, Pluto Gone’s newest drop is an impassioned delivery full of messages of…


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Hopeful and Intimate R&B Music: Dewaine G Jackson and Marco Franca Release An Exciting New Single On Keeping Love Close.

“One For Me” is a beautiful and soulful new anthem for all the listeners that have been fortunate enough to find genuine love and trust in their life. 

Phoenix, Arizona — May 27th, 2022- Dewaine G. Jackson and Marco Franca released a new single that speaks of love and loss with great sensitivity and foresight. This consortium of music tries to make listeners feel a deep sense of…


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Going Back to the Roots of Hip Hop – Seasoned Artist Soular235 Inspires with Captivating New Single

“Never Ever!” is more than just a refreshing Hip Hop release, the newest drop by Soular235 is a uniquely composed melody, teeming with nostalgia

Maybrook, New York — June 13th, 2022- A stunning new drop by Soular235, “Never Ever!” underscores the finest tricks that the dynamic artist has to offer. From memorable rhythms that complement hard-hitting,…


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Rising Country Rapper 6B.Low has brought something different to the table with his Single, “Friday Nite”

The single, titled ‘Friday Nite’, is a triumph in the sphere of hip hop music

Saint Marys, Ohio — When any up and coming singer and songwriter starts off their journey in the sphere of music, they are met with a multitude of challenges, a prominent one being determining how to stand apart from the crowd. Rising Country Rapper Brandon Mullins, who prefers to go by his stage name 6B.Low, is rapidly making a come up in the industry…


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Intellectually and Spiritually Simulating Hip-hop Music: Trapula Ase’ Makes Waves in the Industry with Innovative Music

This eclectic artist produces a consortium of music tinged with personal experience and new musical combinations.

Chicago, Illinois — June 10th, 2022- Trapula Ase’ is a new up-and-coming artist who has been passionate about music since the age of 9. The artist produces music that is rich in lyrical depth and melodious tunes that grab the audience’s attention. The hip-hop tunes relay the…


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Original Lyrical Composer With A Unique Sound And Style That Stands Out From The Rest

Breaux Bridge, LA — Introducing Da Realist Da Messiah. This Artist has a refreshingly unique sound that has been needed in the Rap industry.  He tells the story of his life that many can relate to in the world today. He overcome the odds and broke the chains that society places on someone in his situation.

Da Realist Da Messiah’s Sound and Style are just what the Rap Game needs. His truth peaks the interest of the listener by giving a part of himself…


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Great Quality Writing and Immense Expertise: Loke G Has Accepted A Position As The General Manager At AKM Publishing..

The eclectic writer’s knowledge of the music industry and willingness to help up-coming artists has helped him reach newer horizons.

Houston, Texas — May 9th, 2022- Loke G is no stranger to the ins and outs of the music industry. The aspiring writer has used his experience in the music industry as a means of helping new artists with diligence and empathy. It is this ability to use experience in…


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Making Waves in the World of Hip Hop – Magic’s Latest Album ‘Pride of the North’ Enthrals and Astounds

With the unapologetic essence of hip hop music at its core, the album exceeds all expectations and ranks as one of the best new albums in the industry today

Buffalo, NY — Magic is a rising rapper and musician who is starting to gain fame for his unapologetic and unadulterated take on hip hop music. His latest album is titled ‘The Pride of the North’, and it was released to the masses on June 24th, 2021. Arriving at a…


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Rebranding Christian Hip Hop Music To Spread Love – Rising Talent Eric Cohen Creates Music That Heals

Eric wants his music to be the shining bright light of hope for someone who’s been stuck in a dark tunnel for quite some time

Kansas City, MO — Eric Cohen is an up and coming hip hop artist who is based in Missouri, and he is gaining fame and followers rapidly due to the love and passion with which he curates his music. Drawing musical inspiration from Lecrae, Toby Mac, We Are Messengers and Andy Mineo, Eric Cohen has established a…


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