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Hypnotizing with a Maximal Classic: Payper Chase’s New Album Booms with a Newfound Spin on Blues, Hip Hop and Rap

‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape evolved by hit maker DJ hoodrichkeem’ s collaborative hand and showcases the artist’s precise delivery and compelling hooks

Atlanta, Georgia — Payper Chase’s freshly produced record, ‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape studded with chronicles of the artist’s life. The artist goes on his most crafty record to lay bare his ever-impactful and…


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Unveiling His Own Persuasive Sound and Absorbing Storytelling Flair- Presenting Hip Hop’s Best New Artist Playyboi Pudd

With his iconic label, ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB, ENT., Playyboi Pudd continues to enrapture audiences and presents a distinctive creative energy

Camden, nj — An artist unlike others, Playyboi Pudd got into the music industry with nothing but one motivation- making it big in the boundless world of music and creating his own brand. Today, having dropped a series of thrilling tracks, many of which have amassed 1000s of streams and listens, the…


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Expressive Instrumentals and Authentic Hip Hop Storytelling- Sean XLG Reinvents Hip Hop with New Album ‘Reign Forest’

With his new record, ‘Reign Forest’ Sean XLG presents a bold, unparalleled, and one-of-a-kind blend of Hip Hop and Instrumental music

Washington, DC, District of ColumbiaOctober 25th, 2022 – Led by soulful vocals and culturally expressive rhythms, Sean XLG’s Hip Hop music is something that audiences will find both close to home and yet oozing with experimental spirit. Motivated by a goal to try…


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Visions by Peter L

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada — Peter L, a singer, songwriter and a producer, comes with his new single Visions and his message to kids like him and the world.

This song is more than just a song, it’s also a message to kids like him and the world with his thoughts and things he wants to say.

“I got the vision, I think it’s a mission”

“Just like the lyric says, I think it’s not just for me, it’s also for those people just like me who…


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Inspiring Peace, Harmony and Love within the Only Race that Matters- The Human Race: Rankinfyle Hopes to Awaken Change

Empowering listeners to embrace change and develop an appreciation for diversity amidst their sisters & brothers, “Human Race” is a timely single

Chicago, IL — October 17th, 2022 – Illuminating the need to love over hate and accept everyone, no matter the color of their skin, Rankinfyle’s new single, “Human Race,” is a memorable track.

The single focuses on the fact that humans have been inhabiting the…


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The Next Hiphop and RnB Artist That Writes/Produces/Mixes/and Master’s His Very Own Music.

Bellaire, Ohio — Inspired independent artist, Spadezilla, is climbing up the independent charts with his latest release “Can’t Let You Go.” He’s making strides in the industry because of his unique ability to produce, write, mix, and master his own music.

Spadezilla’s fans are already pre-saving his track via Spotify, Itunes, and apple music. Determined to make himself a household name, he showcases his vocals on his latest track. His track is set to…


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Hip Hop with Raw Street Lyricism and Introspective Storytelling- Grim Moses Drops a Fiery New EP ‘Supreme Grodd’

A bold and passionate new release, ‘Supreme Grodd’ is a fantastic new EP by an artist who hopes to rejuvenate Hip Hop with authentic taste

Phoenix, AZ — August 21st, 2022 – Making his mark in the Hip Hop genre in his own unique style, solo singer-songwriter Grim Moses depicts a moving and impactful story with his new drop. Undergirded by a context that stands in stark difference from contemporary mainstream Hip-Hop…


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A Voyage of Colorful Rhythms to Groove to Without Halt – JR Stuns Fans with Engaging New Track “You Should Know”

Doing what he does best, R&B singer-songwriter JR is following his musical passions and delivering hits that are both electrifying and memorable

St. Louis, Missouri — October 31st, 2022 – An R&B single unlike any other, “You Should Know,” is JR’s best offering yet. Having dropped on October 14th,…


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FrankDaBankTv is spreading like wildfires.

Philadelphia, Pa — Music Artist, fashion designer, FrankDaBank has been working. With 2 successful EPs “HighFrequency Lifezulike” & “Satori” FrankDaBank’s name is everywhere.

All people are talking about is FrankDaBank. From music, podcasting, social media, etc. What can’t he do.

  1. Your music is the level I want mines.

New Project coming soon.

Philly artist FrankDaBank has he’s hands in everything. 100%…


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Who is Jay Aries?

el dorado, ar — Arkansas rapper Jay Aries has revealed his debut album, ‘Aries Season’. This 11 track album is the embodiment of who Jay Aries is as an artist, and is the perfect introduction to this rising talent. Each song on this album has its own story, highlighting domestic violence, self-confidence, self esteem, drug usage, love, and hope. Jay Aries carefully selected these songs to show his versatility and vulnerability on the tracks. Recorded in…


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Swurve Latest Project Out Now Midnight Life On All Music Platforms

Warren, Ohio — This project is laid back made to be played on a road trip nod for the after hours for sure. “Midnight Life” is a very unique body of work with the jazzy blues feeling throughout every song.

If your into laid back hip hop music you’ll love this whole project start to finish. You can stream and down load it now on all music platforms. It released 09/16/2022 already out.

It’s the Kamp….  We Kampin Out!

This project includes…


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D.A Tha Flame Up Next ?

Milwaukee, WI

This article is about the young upcoming artist D.A Tha Flame who is soon to be making headlines and breaking charts  .

D.A Tha Flame is a jaw dropping 16 year old artist from the Mid-West . He has been an independent artist since 2019 . However with no label or management he was able to accumulate over…


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Uplifting R&B Rhythms and Hypnotic Grooves- Sargent Tucker Inspires Positivity and Love with “Good Music”

A soulful, melodic, and expressive new single, “Good Music” puts on display the spirited composing and songwriting abilities of an up-and-coming artist

Las Vegas, NV — October 17th, 2022 – A dynamic musical composition that depicts an aura of positivity and buoyancy, “Good Music” is a spirited mix of good feelings and fun. Enthusing audiences to embrace the optimism of life, Sargent Tucker’s…


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Storytelling with Gripping and Rousing Hip Hop Tracks- TheRapperAK Drops Original Debut EP ‘Introduction’

A stunning debut EP by TheRapperAK, ‘Introduction’ is a look inside the artist’s ingenious mind, with noteworthy features from Minus and C-Mob

Wynne, AR — October 14th, 2022 – A phenomenal debut by TheRapperAK, the ‘Introduction’ EP, is slated to drop for audiences on October 14th, 2022. The new album was recorded at Young Avenue Sound Legendary Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, and features the unbridled musical prowess of the…


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Cleveland, Ohio — When one thinks new , they might think grand ,special or beginnings

A sigh of relief may also come to one when they think of NEW, because of the burden of old ways acethehypestar has been raising eyebrows and capturing attention with his “NEW” fresh style and sound.

He’s Promising not to disappoint, and to keep his marketable sound consistent

Listening to a few songs on his NEW release “Return Of The Hype” ,i have to…


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An Inspiring Singer, Phenomenal Songwriter, and Loving Great-Grandmother – E. FaShawn Washington Unveils Stunning R&B

Recording Gospel and R&B tracks that are enriching and reassuring, Washington is achieving her motto- ‘don’t stop living while you’re still alive’

Bronx, NY — October 6th, 2022 – Offering pathways of reflection and inspiration, E. FaShawn Washington’s music is an escape for all those who are feeling lost. A force of motivation, the artist’s music reminds listeners that no matter what they are going through, there is a greater…


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10-Year Old Rapper Redefines Hip-Hop with Positive Tunes

Alpharetta, Georgia — In an era defined by music that glorifies violence and illicit lifestyles, a refreshing new talent has emerged in Prince Marc Jakob.  At the tender age of 10 years old, this 5th grader is challenging critics and naysayers of Hip-Hop Music by creating catchy tunes with a positive twist; from a kid’s point-of-a-view.  Setting his indelible mark in an historically controversial genre, Prince Marc Jakob, has coined his style of…


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From Jamaican Dancehall to American Hip Hop – Versatile Singer-Songwriter Ejai Soars Upward with Breathtaking Music

Inking a fascinating story of success, EJai is achieving his childhood dream of delivering masterful mixes and curating his own unique sound in Hip Hop 

cleveland, ohio — October 10th, 2022 – Brimming with authenticity and a unique sense of perspective, Hip Hop artist EJai’s music is a class apart. A seasoned and multi-talented singer-songwriter, Ejai remains inspired by a passion for creating his own memorable…


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The Scorchers Rocksteady Ska Band and Freddie Notes Rejuvenate Listeners with Melodic Rhythms and Powerful Vocals

A Reggae track that will get any fan of the genre grooving and immersed in its addictive tunes, ‘It’s a Scorcher’ is a wonderful new release 

Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom — October 3rd, 2022 – Reinventing the Reggae genre with their stunning musical compositions, The Scorchers Rocksteady Ska Band are all set to release a brilliant and original track titled “It’s a Scorcher.” Featuring Freddie Notes (of Montego Bay fame), the new…


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Junior Toots, son of the legendary Toots Hibbert, scheduled to perform at October Fest in Oakland, CA – Available for bookings


    Contact Peter, Kings Music International

    (510) 326-8445 or

Berkeley, California —…


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