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New Single From Modest Thomas

Relatable Record ‘Breathe’ Released On December 2!

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - Most artists struggle with making it big in the music industry. With the competition and rigorous standards for music, the struggle is real. While many rappers will talk about the struggles they face in a broader social context, you’ll find few who open up about the everyday struggles. This is where Modest Thomas fills the gaps.

Tom Sigurdson, better known as…


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Lil Birdie’s Music Setting A New Mark

Latest Album By Lil Birdie Available To Stream Now!

Macomb Michigan - Rap songs with clean lyrics and deeply cut out music is nowhere to be found in this generation of loud and rough music. Breaking the convention, here is a young American artist Lil Birdie who has developed his unique style of rap music. He has created his style based on his own beliefs about the rap genre and the way of musical generation.

His musical style has a…


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Lo-Key Music Group Unveils Money Zoe's New Album, 'Black King'

Listen to Money Zoe's Newly Released Hip-Hop And Rap Music

Atlanta, Georgia – Money Zoe is a New Jersey-based rapper who is most fluent in is the language of music. His passion for music runs deep, with his first songwriting experience going back to his teenage years. He has had to power through dire circumstances by giving it his all, and that is the mentality with which he creates his music. Money Zoe uses the sounds of hip-hop, R&B,…


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Lil Booku Releases New Single, “Brand New Pop Culture Star”

Listen To Lil Booku’s Newest Release Exclusively On SoundCloud

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Lil Booku is a hip-hop rapper artist. He has gradually risen through the ranks as he continues to pursue his musical passion for gaining global recognition as a rapper. Lil Booku reinvents the hip-hop genre by using…


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Juhani1x is All Set To Ignite the Spirit of Authentic Hip Hop

Fired with catchy tunes and rich and immersive Hip Hop and R&B musical compositions, Juhani1x produces music that is set to take him togreat heights and get listeners fall in love with the genre all over again

Dallas, Texas- December 28th, 2020- Juhani1x is a 22 year old maestro who is driven by the strong musical influences in his life by his artist parents and the immense inspiration he has taken from big industry names such as: James…


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The Ghetto Priest King: A Fresh and Enlightening Hip Hop Sensation

Driven by his endless motivation of ensuring his listeners understand the dangers of modern society and the harms that bombard us, The Ghetto Priest King is set to inspire listeners around the world

Cleveland, Ohio - December 28th, 2020- Self-styled as the “The Ghetto Priest King”, Tupeace Eloheem is a growing sensation among the music scene of Ohio as a forefront, fresh new icon on R&B and Hip Hop music. Armed with widespread knowledge,…


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Ynm (Young Narrative Movement) Lul P-Nut Releases New Single, “Have Mercy”

Check Out the Remix Version of the Newest Single by YNM LUL P-NUT

Sacramento, California – Although he originally considered a basketball career, YNM LUL P-NUT realized that his gift in music was what he was meant to pursue. The artist kept his name as YNM, standing for “young narrative movement” to represent his narrative singing, aimed at starting a new music movement. His hope with his rap music is to encourage listeners to share their…


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No Nonsense Releases New LP, ‘Holes in My Chucks’

Listen to the Latest Release by the Hip-Hop Independent Artist, No Nonsense

Las Vegas, Nevada – December 31, 2020 – No Nonsense is an independent musician whose inspiration traces back to his time in prison. Lessons were learned as themes of growth, strength, inspiration, and persistence began to resonate with him. He decided then and there to start a record label, Double Trouble Records, and craft music that convey a strong message of hope…


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Presenting Jonnie Kae, Talk Show Host Turned Musician

Listen to Jonnie Kae’s Latest Album, ‘Completely Original’

Los Angeles, California  – December 28, 2020 – Jonnie Kae has conquered being a businesswoman and author and now wants to achieve the same in the music industry. Jonnie was inspired by the stories of the independent artists she had interviewed over the years for her talk show, “And Now We Know Show.” She is now a hip hop and R&B artist who likes to play around with different…


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Rapper Lee Adrian Tells Fans To 'Mark My Words' In Latest Album Release

Atlanta, Georgia — Monday, December 21st, 2020 — Come ride the new wave that Lee Adrian brings with his latest album, "Mark My Words". He is known as the gift that keeps on giving with his message and musical ability. From Houston to Atlanta, Lee Adrian is raw and uncut with the bars yet smooth in his demeanor. His recent album shows this as it varies from a melodic, lyrical approach to a catchy, upbeat vibe.

If you prefer lyrical rappers, but also…


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Rising Artist Kacey Who Reignites the Rhythms of Summer

Kacey Who creates music that enlivens and relishes the aura, making every listener escape to cheerful and rhythmic times of a lost summer.

Bristol, United Kingdom- December 20th, 2020- A vibrant and emerging name in the D&B and Rap genres, Kacey Who is a stunning and splendid singer and songwriter. Bringing to life the spirit of urbane, rocking music, Kacey Who marked his awe-inspiring breakthrough with the debut single “Candy…


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91 Sauce Brings Hot Hip Hop Beats From Florida

Artist Is Ready To Wow The World

Pensacola, FL - December 18, 2020 - Rising hip hop star 91 Sauce is ready to take the world by storm with his unique music. His latest single "Trouble" is ready to change the way people see hip hop. 91 Sauce has taken old school hip hop sounds and remastered them into something fresh.

"Trouble" combines multiple sounds, including R&B, rap, and pop. His ability as a singer and songwriter is…


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Frank Deno Introduces His Latest LP, ‘Pisces Vision’

Watch Out for Frank Deno’s Latest Hip-Hop Album Coming Soon

New Orleans, Louisiana – For Frank Deno, creating music is about composing a well-balanced mix of instrumental and lyrical flow. Frank is a hip-hop and rap artist. He endlessly strives to put out energetic music with reflective lyrics that resonate with listeners on an emotional level.

Frank has announced the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Pisces Vision’ which is his…


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BDK Comes Out With Latest Single, “Reasons”

Listen to BDK’s Deep and Contemplative Single Release

Sacramento, California  – BDK is a Sacramento-born rapper who believes in composing songs that embrace life's hardships. He takes an introspective and contemplative lyrical approach touching on life's high, lows, and everything in between. From alternative to classic hip-hop music, the rapper has a unique sound that all music lovers will surely enjoy and relate to.

BDK's most recent…


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Montu Mercury Releases His First Album, 'The Realm Of Merc'

Check Out Montu Mercury's Latest Release for Other Worldly Music

Saint Louis, Missouri – "Game recognizes all game," that is the code that Montu Mercury used to build the foundation of music within him. As a 90s kid, Montu grew up listening to the early hip-hop sounds. What cultivated his interest in music was his intrigue with the horrorcore music movement. With this, the artist began making music that resonated with the sounds of hip-hop,…


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BIG WYNN Collaborates With Tone Jonez for New Single "We Gone Make It"

Check Out BIG WYNN's Newest R&B Hip-Hop Single

Perry, Georgia - BIG WYNN grew up as the son of a pastor, always surrounded by church music. At the age of 5, WYNN began playing drums, and by the age of 12, he could play the piano, trombone, and tuba. Even in college, he continued his love for music by being a part of the marching band. WYNN has come a long way, releasing new hip-hop music that aims to empower listeners. With a stimulating…


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Masada M.E. Comes Out With Multiple EP And Single Releases This December

Masada M.E. promises exciting music to the industry

San Deigo, California - Masada M.E. releases his first and brand new album called "Not Apologetic" under NotApologetic Studios LLC this March. The album is comprised of 13 tracks. The gist of the album was to convey to listeners the value of self-sufficiency. M.E has no inhibitions being himself and doing as he pleases as long as it doesn't cause harm to people around him. Shortly after his…


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Feisty Collaboration between Music Producer MWM, Pace Won, and K-Blitz Ready to Hit the Swedish Hip Hop Scene

Music Producer MWM partners up with The Outsidaz founding member for an electrical new release

Arvika, Sweden - December 22, 2020 – Emerging music producer and upcoming artist, MWM is all set to release the title “Life is a dream.” This latest release features Pace Won and K-Blitz and will be available for download and streaming across all major music platforms.

Even though “Life is a dream” has not been released yet, it already has…


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Harmonious Hip Hop Tunes which Connect to God: Introducing to the World Josh Fonzarelli

Josh Fonzarelli creates music that reflects the soulful transition of growth from pits of adversity and struggle to fields of inner peace and prosperity

Greensboro, North Carolina - December 1st, 2020- A gifted and emerging name in the Hip Hop and Rap scene, Josh Fonzarelli is set to send waves across the music industry. A promising artist from Greensboro, North Carolina, Josh Fonzarelli is a powerhouse of talent and finesse. Josh is a dual…


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Frunt Ro da Youngin is set to be the Next Big Powerhouse of Hip Hop and R&B

Frunt Ro da Youngin’s music is an amalgam of his strong, familial R&B roots and hip new takes on the genre through his versatile musical taste

Atlanta, Georgia -  An up-and-coming powerhouse of Hip Hop music, Frunt Ro da Youngin is set to become the next big thing in R&B and Rap music. With the release of his widely awaited single “Falling Skies”, set to come out on January 4th ‘2021, Frunt Ro da Youngin is eyeing to compete against…


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