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New Jersey’s hottest rap duo returns with “Peace, Love and Rage” album

Newark, NJ — The highly anticipated collaborative album, “Peace, Love, and Rage,” by Sleepless Draco and S. Willz, New Jersey’s hottest rap duo, is set to release on January 12th, 2024. The two rapper/producers comeback after a smash ep in 2023, (Rareform )which showed the world the rap duo’s influence. With less than two weeks until the album hits the airwaves, fans can expect an epic album featuring the likes of the Rareform group, Beat Bros. on the…


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Welcome to Da Kuntry

Richmond, Virginia — Welcome to da Kuntry by Kuntry Boi Movement is soulful blend of Hip hHop, R&B, and Spirituality.  With 14 tracks the topica range from Back Road Party, to Pond Talk to showing love to the females on Shawty From da Kuntry.

Being from the Country, there are preconceived ideas about you and Kuntry Boi Movement doesn’t want to fit in any box.  Real Hip Hop comes from the lack of resources and wanting better for your…


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Fetti Bagz Unveils Sonic Brilliance with \”Came From Nothing 2\” – A Chart-Topping Hip-Hop Symphony

Charting Hip-Hop artist Fetti Bagz reshapes the Rap landscape with the release of his new album \”Came From Nothing 2\”

Dallas, Texas —December 29th, 2023 – Fetti Bagz emerges as a trailblazing force in contemporary Hip Hop and Rap, stunning audiences with his lyrical brilliance and chart-topping success. A standout artist, Fetti Bagz continues to revitalize and reshape the landscape of the genre.

The peak of the…


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A Creative, Electrifying, and Inventive New Wave of Music – Beebop Forever Stuns with New EP ‘New# Who this?”

Layered with metaphoric punchlines, matchless wit, and inimitable creativity, Beebop Forever is leading a meteoric rise in the world of Hip Hop

Philadelphia, PA —January 15th, 2024 – As Beebop Forever prepares to drop his latest EP, “New# Who’s this?” on January  15th, 2024, anticipation is building among hip-hop enthusiasts. The electrifying EP features notable artists such as 6 Mil, Feeso, and Mondie, showcasing Beebop…


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Black Transgender Women Bebe Ray Gardon Artist

Flint, MI — Bebe Ray Gardon Has A Google platform

Black Transgender Women

Singer Songwriters Rapper Book Author Dark Girl In The Night Part 1 on Amazon.

Born in Chicago Illinois live in Flint Michigan.


She IS all kinds music artist. She do Pop, jazz, hip hop, rap, little of everything.

Her Music is on many Music Platform.

Her music is amazing, love her music, it meaningful.

Your book Dark Girl In The…


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Heartfelt and Soul-Stirring R&B – Rising Star Michael Little Presents New Singles “Yesterday” and “Operate”

Under the umbrella of Mirahj Music, Michael Little’s classical, moving, and touching new singles captivate audiences with their one-of-a-kind appeal

Houston, TX —December 23rd, 2023 – Michael Little makes a compelling entry into the music scene with the release of his debut single, “Yesterday,” released under Mirahj Music’s imprint. This compelling track serves as a testament to Michael’s silky vocals and his ability to…


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Rocky Krim In 2024 Will Be Considered A Future Legend

Atlanta, Ga — Rocky Krim Has been catching A lot of eyes from A lot of important people, like Atlantic Records, Capital, Along with many other top A&R’s who are music Industry professionals and a lot are possibly looking into signing Rocky Krim.

Rocky Krim Has met & performed for VP of A&R at Atlantic Records, Jeff Sledge. Won A Performance Slot in the Coast2Coast live 2023 World Championship In Miami & Had the opportunity to network…


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A Fascinating Phenomenon in Cape Town\’s Electric Scene– Thepharmacy101cult Drops Stunning New Record ‘Faded’

Introducing the four talented artists of Thepharmacy101cult who continue to deliver a unique blend of Hip Hop and New Age

Cape town, Western Cape, South Africa —Thepharmacy101cult’s approach is refreshingly unconventional, with a focus on dropping their old hits before unveiling new music. This strategy aims to build anticipation, engage a growing audience, and set the stage for a significant breakthrough in the competitive music…


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A Journey through Electronic, Funk, R&B, and Pop- Multi-Genre Phenomenon Yeri Hye Delivers New Single

“My Destiny” marks the pinnacle of Yeri Hye’s philosophical odyssey, cementing her position as an artist with an infectious soul, energy, positivity, and hope

Ryde, NSW, Australia —With an infectious energy and a touch of Latin flavor, Yeri Hye’s latest single, “My Destiny,” takes listeners on a philosophical journey. This Pop-infused funky dance rhythm, released on November 18, 2023, is more than a song—it’s a message. Yeri Hye aims…


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Fiery Rap to Redefine the Underground Sound- Pstubbz801 Astounds All with “Call Em Out Classic 2- Deeds of Dirt”

Believing that underground music has gone downhill with Ego over the years, Pstubbz801 marks resurgent return with an exhilarating Rap anthem

West Valley, Utah —December 15th, 2023 – In a world saturated with ego-driven underground music, Pstubbz801 steps into the limelight with a mission. His latest anthem series, “Call EM Out Classic,” released on all platforms, serves as a bold statement challenging the status quo of…


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RaZoRWrAiTh Unleashes A New Sonic Wave as \”The God of Music\” in Latest Single \”The Red Death”

Fueled by a love for the medieval era and Victorian lifestyle, RaZoRWrAiTh embraces a gothic identity that sets him apart as a unique artist

New Orleans, LA —Known by various aliases such as Razor The Reaper and The Red Death, Derrick, also known as RaZoRWrAiTh, emerges as a multi-faceted force in the music scene. With an unparalleled blend of rap, rock, pop, dance, electronic, and more, RaZoRWrAiTh stakes his claim as “…


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The Voice Of Philadelphia Has Returned. Beebop Forever Has Risen From The Debris And Choas With A New Discography New Number Who’s This

Philadelphia, Pa — Artist: Beebop Forever is Geared to release his sophomore project New Number Who’s This, Beebop explains his views on cutting ties with relationships that’s either toxic or risky. That’s what New Number Who’s This is about a fresh start and new beginning

New Number Who’s This is for the consumer who appreciates good music. The fan that still loves music of substance and meaning story telling and creative writing that captures the…


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Life tried to crush her – But just like a diamond the Pressure only made her shine!

Salt Lake City, UT — With a long-standing passion for music, this Contemporary R&B/Neo Soul artist has blossomed into a beacon of hope and encouragement for other women and children that may have traveled a similar path as she has. Today after struggle and loss and a new lease and appreciation on life, LadeeKae has allowed herself to grieve and slowly make her way back to the love of music she had once lost. Through her experiences, she is now using her…


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Mjay Harmony Is A Fast Rising Musician From Nigeria, Find Out The New Single Titled, So Beautiful

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria — Why Do Fans Love Mjay Harmony so Much ?Find Out In The New Single Titled, So Beautiful

Mjay Harmony Is Now The Most Talked About Artist Of Recent

Mjay Harmony New Single Titled ‘So Beautiful’  Makes Heart Beautiful

Most Exciting Mjay harmony Songs, Is Titled, My Heart Is Greener

Mjay Harmony Music Style Of Play, Are Very Interesting

Fine Out Popular Demand songs From Mjay Harmony By Fans, In his…


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On The Journey to success I’ve been Humbled enough to step out on my faith

Ridgewood, New Jersey — Pressing on though life taught me how to really be mindful of the journey towards success it also made me reinforce all that’s been instilled so that every moment will be a memorable experience

With heart felt lyrics and strong instrumental this artist grabs thee attention of all ages with his crafty concepts about living through life challenges and making his way to the top with poised determination

He embraced such…


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BALENS KLEREDE’s Incredible New Album, ‘SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES’ Coming 12/22/2023

Los Angeles, CA —In the kaleidoscopic realm of contemporary music, BALENS KLEREDE, the visionary rapper and poet, announces the release of his highly anticipated second project, “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES,” set to captivate listeners on December 22, 2023, across all major music streaming platforms.

Independently crafted, this 10-track album is a groundbreaking fusion of HIP HOP, Rock, Funk, and Blues, enriched with potent spoken word poetry. Produced…


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Ambient, Experimental, and Alternative– Phillip A. Urena Delivers Fusion Single “Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 (Freestyle)”

Phillip Urena’s amalgam of exciting sounds, striking rhythms, and magical tunes makes for a beautiful blend for all to revel in

Haverstraw, New York —December 18th, 2023 – Phillip A. Urena, a native of Haverstraw, New York, is more than an artist—he is a creator whose music transcends conventional boundaries. A musical polymath, Phillip delves into genres ranging from Hardcore and Hip Hop to Ambient and Rock, creating a…


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