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Reflecting on Life\’s Evolution through Powerful Rap – Yolo Ru Drops New Single “Rules Changed”

Yolo Ru unveils his latest track, “Rules Changed,” offering a poignant reflection on life\’s transitions and the resilience required to navigate them.

Fayetteville, NC —With the release of his striking, genre-bending, compelling new release, “Rules Changed,”  Yolo Ru once again shows the world his inventive talent. Having released on Spotify and other official…


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Local Pastor Inspires with Soul-Shaking Fusions – Elder Alphonso Antoine Lacey Presents Stirring Gospel & R&B Blends

Elder Alphonso Antoine Lacey shares the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ through his inventive blends of soul-stirring, moving soundscapes

Kingston, NY —Drawing from his past as a member of a rap group in the early ’90s, Elder Lacey infuses his music with old-school vibes, creating a nostalgic yet…


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ToyBokz Unveils Eclectic Masterpiece: “Love Is Not Blind, It Is All-Seeing”

Saylorsburg, PA — ToyBokz is set to release his highly ambitious album, “Love Is Not Blind, It Is All-Seeing” (LINBIIAS) a musical odyssey featuring 22 tracks that span the genres of hip hop and beyond. With a total playtime of precisely 1 hour, 11 minutes, 11 seconds, and 111 hundredths of a second, this album is a captivating exploration of the human experience.

LINBIIAS will be streaming on all platforms starting February, 22nd 2024.  The Album is…


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Where Riveting Becomes Revolutionary- Trip Immortal Presents Blend of Christian Faith, Metal, and Hip Hop

Youngstown\’s musical maverick, Trip Immortal, reshapes Christian Music with a distinctive, unique mix of genres, embodying the power of love and strength

Youngstown, OH —In the heart of Youngstown, Trip Immortal remains at the helm of a movement, a sonic revolution that challenges preconceived notions of Christian music. Stepping into the…


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Scooter makes bound.

Bronx, Newyork — Set loose on the world !

Resurrecting Artist Bridgeportcity debuts the online sensation Scooter Mcfly during the holidays on fiscal time to present as a gift. Despite and against all odds way I get it is now available as a roadmap to help the less fortunate.

  1. It is in the mind of men where war begins and it will be in the mind of men where it shall end .
  • Despite the millions of people in the world the…

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Redefining R&B with Beachy Vibes and Soulful Melodies – Tatianna Cabana Stuns All with a Riveting New Single

Emotions galore as Tatianna Cabana – Austin’s iconic, rising star delivers a fusion of R&B and Pop to captivate listeners with new single, \”let you go\”

Austin, Texas —With the release of her latest single, “let you go,” on February 11th, Tatianna Cabana invites audiences into her world of soulful melodies and beachy vibes. This captivating track, crafted in…


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Las vegas, NV — Las Vegas, NV – January 3, 2024 – Go-Hard Da Great, the rising female hip hop star from Bakersfield, CA, released her new EP “Porn, Podcasts, & Politics Vol. 1” on December 29th 2023. The EP is distributed by Empire, the leading independent label for urban music.

“Porn, Podcasts, & Politics Vol. 1” is the 10th EP from Go-Hard Da Great, who has been consistently dropping quality music since her official debut in 2019. The EP…


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Mr. V. Banks Unleashes Unprecedented Flow with Subliminal Perception (Freestyle)

Houston, Texas

Renowned Houston-based artist, Mr. V. Banks, is set to captivate audiences with his latest release, “Subliminal Perception (Freestyle),” dropping on March 1, 2024. This track promises to redefine the rap game, showcasing Mr. V. Banks’ unparalleled lyrical prowess and distinctive style.

About the Song: “Subliminal Perception (Freestyle)” is a musical journey through the mind of Mr. V. Banks, where every verse is a carefully…


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D3 Releases New Single ‘Invasion From Underground’ to address gender inequality in the music industry.

LEEDS, West Yorkshire, United KingdomInvasion From Underground is D3’s latest release from the forthcoming Product Of Society album dropping later this year. The single is a response to D3’s experiences of gender inequality in the music industry.

The Product Of Society project brings with it a unique combination of experience,…


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“Dazzling Beats and Razor-Sharp Rhymes: B.A.G FREAKY Redefines Hip-Hop Brilliance!”

Baltimore, MD — Introducing B.A.G FREAKY, the rising hip-hop sensation hailing from the vibrant streets of Baltimore. With a unique blend of gritty lyrics and infectious beats, B.A.G FREAKY is poised to shake up the music scene. This emerging artist brings a fresh perspective to the genre, capturing the essence of Baltimore’s urban culture while delivering an electrifying performance that demands attention. As anticipation builds, music enthusiasts can…


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A Fiery Blend of Hip Hop and R&B Tunes that Echoes Sonic Brilliance- Tiffany S Drops Evocative “Coming From Chi”

A brilliant collaboration with contemporaries Newsense and KM, Tiffany S’s characteristic new single is a tale in melodic mastery and positivity

Naperville, Il —In the vibrant soundscape of Tiffany S’s latest single, “Coming From Chi” presents a fusion of creativity, capturing the essence of Chicago’s pulsating energy. The collaboration with Newsense and KM creates…


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Where Old School Meets New School – Big Paul E Unleashes Authentic Hip-Hop Magic with New Single “Looking 4 Luv”

Atlanta-based artist blends old-school bibes and new school, contemporary energy in riveting new soul-stirring anthem

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —January 20th, 2023 – In the intricate world of Hip-Hop, where authenticity often takes a backseat, Big Paul E emerges as a luminary breathing new life into the genre. The dynamic artist’s latest single, “Looking 4 Luv,” is not just a track but a testament to the profound connection he…


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Embodying Raw Versatility in Storytelling- Capo Ja Presents Underground Hit \”Focus\” from Latest Project \”Last Child\”

South Carolina\’s Unsigned Sensation, Capo Ja, chronicles the spectacle of street stories through her Hip Hop, Soul, and Rock blends

Myrtle beach, SC —In his recent project titled “Last Child,” Capo Ja drops an auditory bombshell with “Focus.” This scintillating track stands as a visceral embodiment of the raw and unfiltered essence of the streets. It delves into…


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Vintage Authentic Hip Hop brought back to life for 2024 and beyond

Austin, TX — Hip Hop returns to its grass roots with the release of M.C.MauRiceaRtis & Big Blak Brutha NaSty’s homage to 90’s era hip hop with the   release of there new single “hOw they Do Dat Dare”featuring M.C. A’Train. Banging percussion, thumping basslines and a sprinkle of piano and keys plus. in your face brutal honest hard hitting raps and you got what we call Vintage Authentic Hip Hop for 2024

This is 100 pecent pure old fashion grass…


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Introducing the Peerless Prodigy of R&B- Kbthesinger Emerges as the New Face of the Genre with New Single

United Masters Recording Artist and Pepsi Music Lab Signee, KBthesinger, releases “Another Round,” unveiling a distinct blend of R&B and Funk

St.louis, Missouri —January 18th, 2024 – KBthesinger, a name that echoes the rich musical history of St. Louis, continues his splendid journey in the R&B and Funk world with new single, “Another Round.” What sets KBthesinger apart,…


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South Carolina’s BIGGEST! Hip-Hop Artist & Music Liaison

Laurens, South Carolina — Zikevious Rice, known better by his music identity, Itz MK Groove driven 28-year-old Hip Hop artist is Taking the Hip-Hop Scene Effortlessly.

Inspired by the energy of people and the innate ability to connect with music…


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“WoozyWhiteboy” is one of the most underrated rap artists from Alabama and has the potential to become the next heavy hitter of southern rap music.

Huntsville, Alabama — New York City – January 12, 2024

WoozyWhiteboy is an emerging rap artist signed to “Rocket City Muzik Group” with music distribution through “The Orchard”. He has released a captivating new song titled “Chasin A Bag (feat. Project Pat)”. This highly anticipated track showcases WoozyWhiteboy’s unique style and talent, captivating listeners with his mesmerizing sound.

“Chasin A Bag (feat. Project Pat)” offers a refreshing…


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From CPS to chasing resiliency

Sacramento, California — Toxxiic has been making music since a very young age. Toxxiic stays resilient and consistent with his music. Toxxiic always tell his friends to keep stomping. Toxxiic has made it out of group homes, living on his own, and producing, mixing, and, mastereting all on his own .

Toxxiic makes music for the broken, the Lost, and the people who feel they are alone in this world. Toxxiic spends countless hours staying up late just…


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I’m A Lion, Not A Goat. A Lion Will Eat A Goat~ Kritikull Thnkng

Carrollton,, Georgia — From tradgedy to triumph, Kritikull ThnKng remained strong when many people would’ve given up. After the tragic loss of his youngest son, he almost gave up on music and contemplated taking his own life. After taking a brief break from music, Kritikull ThnKng is back, going harder than ever end dedicating all of his music to his son to make him proud looking down from Heaven. He hopes that his music can help other people get through…


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Confessions of a casualty

RADCLIFF, KY — What up world.. it’s ur boy barrio ruga and Finn talk my shit.. we live now.. confessions of a casualty tha mixtape coming finna have the streetz jumpin..  song for song.. real shit after real shit fucc with me .. but ima let it speak for itself..

Confessions of a casualty

Barrio Ruga

If u like raw shit.. all the way real.. song for song no bullshit niggaz feeding.. confessions of a casualty..

Purpose of life is to…


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