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A Time-less and An All-Enveloping Mix Of Melodies: R.O.M.A.N Releases A Fresh Hit New Single For Listeners to Revel In.

“Touch” is the newest addition to the artist’s versatile music that simply wishes to spread love and joy through dance and music.

Kansas City, Missouri — May 1st, 2022- R.O.M.A.N’s newest hit single “Touch” is a unique and innovative song that automatically envelops listeners in the general feeling of merriment…


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District of Columbia, District of Columbia — Topanga the biggest brat, Topanga is a coming artist out of prince gorge county, Maryland. At the age of 7 years old, she homed in on her passion for writing and music and began writing poems and songs. She started entering talent shows and Showcases in 2ndgrade and from then on, she developed a love for the Stage and performing in front of groups of people.

Throughout life, Topanga always took a heavy…


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Hot Talent on the Rise with His Immersing and Entertaining Hip Hop Music: Docta D Captivates Minds with New Single

A fascinating and magnetizing new composition, “The Route” underscores Docta D’s brilliant musical sensibilities and a powerful blend of music and song writing

San Francisco, CA — May 13th, 2022- A swiftly rising and powerful new face in Hip Hop and R&B, Docta D promises the best of the genre, with an effortless Rap style that is bound to strike the hearts and minds of listeners. With his stunning debut release, “The…


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Channeling the Poignant and Powerful Emotions of Life with Music: Hip Hop Prodigy Yung Drew Set to Succeed

With his brilliant compositions that seamlessly tie together emotional lyricism with captivating Rap and rhythms, Yung Drew is driven to make a name for himself

Los Angeles, CA — May 1st, 2021- Yung Drew is a dynamic singer-songwriter who is making all the noise as an up-and-coming artist, with a unique musical ethos. The talented rapper was always moved to try his hand at music and craft his own empowering…


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Inventing New Reasons to Give Hip Hop a Chance This Summer – Dignatian Unveils Latest Album

‘Sunrise’ includes songs that fit the genres of hip hop, reggae, EDM, and even RnB, while containing hints of pop music

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Dignatian is a Canadian-based hip hop, rap, and reggae artist who has been on the music scene since 2015. He recently unveiled his latest album on May 6th, 2022. The album is titled…


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Music That Transcends All Categories: MoanDG Produces Singles That Tell Stories and Connect With The Heart.

This collection of inspirational and relatable music exudes depth which gives listeners a sense of empathy and community in a polarized world.

Mount Olive, North Carolina — May 5th, 2022- MoanDG is from a small town in North Carolina and has been entirely obsessed with music since a very young age. The eclectic artist deeply believes in the connecting nature of music and the use of art to…


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Inspiring Audiences with Thought-provoking and Meaningful Lyricism: Phil Flow Unveils Hot New Debut Album

Breaking into the Hip Hop scene with his stirring new album, ‘This Life This Love’, dynamic singer-songwriter Phil Flow is beating all the odds

St. Peters, MO — May 4th 2022- A breakthrough artist making the rounds in Hip Hop, Phil Flow is bound to become a roaring hit. Having recently released his new album, ‘This Life This Love’ on March 25th, 2022, the promising singer-songwriter hopes to soar to new heights…


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Hip Hop that Inspires Listeners and Galvanizes Hard Work: Rising North Atlanta Rapper DT xYme (time) Stuns with New Album

With a string of new releases as part of his new album, ‘Ice Cream and Roller-Coaster’, dynamic powerhouse DT xYme (time) brings back meaning to the genre

Atlanta, GA — February 29th, 2022 – With the release of his exciting new album, “Ice Cream and Roller-coaster”, DT xYme showcases a unique and dynamic new outlook of life. With soul-stirring lyricism…


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Women in Music Delivering Hardcore and Stirring Hip Hop Tunes: SLRedd Set to Captivate with New Performance

A prolific and versatile singer-songwriter, SLRedd unveils the finest blend of rhythms with the release of new single, “Fair Warning” and other new releases

Detroit, MI — May 3rd, 2022 — A magnetic and empowering force in the Hip Hop and Pop world, seasoned artist SLRedd is captivating listeners with her varied song writing styles and artistic brilliance. With the release of her dynamic new track, “Fair Warning” in April 2022, the…


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Paying Homage to His Ancestors through Enriching Folk, Rap, and Hip Hop: Archieiam Magnetizes Listeners with New Single

A formidable icon when it comes to crafting contemporary genre blends, Archieiam’s music is a breath of fresh air and a meaningful musical piece

Atlanta, Georgia — May 3rd   , 2022 –Archieiam was always taken by a passion and a dream to make it big in the genres of Folk, Hip Hop, and Rap. The eclectic artist recently unveiled a new track interestingly titled,…


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Persevering Through Life’s Unique Challenges, One Step at a Time: ST KAL’s Stuns with Uplifting New Album

With a motivating tone underpinning his new record, ST KAL hopes to share a piece of his mind with a relatable, moving, and stunning new album, ‘A.L.I.V.E’.

Richmond, Virginia — May 6th, 2022 — Spurring awareness regarding life’s many diverse faces, obstacles, and values, up-and-coming Rap prodigy, ST KAL is setting the stage for his memorable musical ethos. With the release of his stirring new album, ‘A.L.I.V.E’, the…


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Connecting and Inspiring Listeners with Authentic Rap: THELLO JAY Unveils Stirring New Hip Hop album

THELLO JAY to release new album, “Sleep on Myself” which weaves strong and heartfelt connections amidst listeners- providing a form of reassurance to audience

Oxford, AL— April 29th, 2022  A decade-strong underground artist, THELLO Jay hopes to inspire, motivate, and genuinely touch his listeners. The eclectic artist strongly believes that each person needs someone who can not only understand them as a…


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Rapper Bro Kendricks El is Making Waves in the Rap World with Eclectic New Single

‘King’ Has All the Makings of the Next Breakthrough Album, Thanks to Bro Kendricks El’s Effortless, Uplifting Rapping Style

Detroit, Michigan — For rapper Bro Kendricks El, making music has always been more than just a hobby. For as long as he can remember, his mission has been to inspire and elevate, bringing back the days of positive hip-hop which nourishes…


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2X Grammy Nominated Composer Mike Walla Releases Single “Surfboard” Worldwide

Virginia Beach, VirginiaMike Walla’s single “Surfboard” is currently charting on the major Independent Charts and the European Charts. Mike Walla wrote and composed on legends  Gladys Knight, Mary J Blige, Guy, Teddy Riley, Blackstreet and many more.  The Virginia Beach  raised artist Mike Walla went to Princess Anne high school with Pharrell Williams any many more major musicians from Virginia.…


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Upcoming Artist Blending “Really Heem” Lifestyle with Immersive Rap – Talented Pharoah Lotto Astounds in Latest Single

‘Big Flexer’ is rapidly becoming a cult favorite in the International R&B/Rap Scene, Thanks to Artist Pharoah Lotto’s Mind Blowing Lyricism

Victorville, California — Trailblazing artist Pharoah Lotto has been making waves in the R&B/Rap industry since he started his career at the young age of 18- and he seems to be showing no signs of stopping. In 2020, Lotto released 3…


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RaleTdup is the Trailblazing Rap Artist Everyone is Talking About in the Industry Today

Virginia Based Independent Artist RaleTdup is Making Waves with His New Single, Soul Bleed

Manassas, Virginia — For rapper RaleTdup, his young age and relatively new career have not come in the way of exemplary success. At only 23 years of age, he has been noticed by some of the biggest names in hip hop and R&B, and has garnered an international fan base. With his incredible work ethic,…


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Rap Music Artist CmBbanktella Preparing To Release R&B Album

Atlanta, Ga — CmBbanktella is finally listening to his loyal fans. Normally known for releasing trap and gangsta rap music, he has finally converted over to creating a full R&B Album.

The project is Titled (Eulogy For Love) it is set to release on June 5, 2022. Our source believes that this project is in the late development stages and set to be on schedule for the June Release Date. In an early interview with CmBbanktella, he confirm that he was…


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Hip Hop Artist Making Music for a Good Cause-Jay Dot Wright Dedicates New Album “BIG DOT” To Promote Overdose Awareness

Aiming to spread awareness of drug overdose by dedicating album to unfortunate loss of brother Kri$py, Jay Dot Wright is taking the hip hop world by storm.

Dayton, OHJay Dot Wright is an up-and-coming singer already set on becoming the biggest hip hot artist this world has seen. His groovy beats and masterful lyrics have set him apart from all contemporary artists in the current…


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Real Royalty Ent.. Kierre Smith Will Release New Single “Moon Watch”April 22nd From Ep “Jus Let Me Rap 3”

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky —  April 16, 2022: Visionary Leader, Determined, Author and Popular Song Writer, Kierre Smith, To Release Single: Moon Watch On Real Royalty Ent April 22, 2022.

Moon Watch Is A Single From The Latest Ep “Jus Let Me Rap”, That Displays More Melodic, Charismatic, And Wity Energy. The Ep Is A 5 Track Project With Moon Watch Being The Only Song To Purchase In Order To Get the Full Ep.

The Single…


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Channeling the Intensity of Love and Wanting through Music: Tony Russ Stuns with Heartfelt New R&B Single

Paying an ode to love, while simultaneously recounting his own personal inspirations, Tony Russ is set to magnetize with a new single- “I Want You So Bad”

Poughkeepsie, NY — April 18th, 2021-A dynamic icon in R&B, Tony Russ has been writing music, performing and producing original musical compositions since 1982. Breaking into the music world with the release of his much-awaited first…


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