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Who Is Zai?

Zai, sometimes called “Chameleon” really lives up to his nickname from studying Electrical Engineering to a career in the music industry. Zai discovered his passion for music while attending TSU, focusing on his studies but also making his dreams come true by performing at local shows and writing for various upcoming…


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Who is Gleam?

Who is Gleam?

Gleam, is a young rapper out of in Waterbury, Connecticut. At the age of 21 he moved to Atl to pursue a career in music. Inspired by artist such as Jay-Z, 50…


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Who is Hustle Muscle?

Who is Hustle Muscle?

James Reese is a multi-talented…

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Who is Devon Trill?


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Who is Von Barz?

Tony Washington, better known as Von Barz. Representing Charlotte, NC by way of Georgetown, SC.

I jumped off the porch at the age of 10 and encountered all of what life…


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P.Swagger - Work


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C Glizzy Returns With New Video Featuring Foolio "Six & Glizzy" | @cglizzycglizzy

Watch The New Visual For "Six & Glizzy" On YouTube | @cglizzycglizzy

C Glizzy is a South Florida rapper who made headlines in 2021 after being shot in his eye (Complex,…


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Wowashwow - Pussy Power

‘I’m A Hashole’ Reveals the Real Wowashwow

LOS ANGELES - Singer, songwriter, entertainer, activist, and social media influencer are words used to describe Wowashwow, but her latest album, “I’m A Hashole,” reveals the real woman behind the titles.

“This album is a full representation of who I am and not a…


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JonPaul Wallace - Love’s Not For Everyone

Despite the Title, JonPaul Wallace’s Single, “Love’s Not for Everyone,” Defines Contemporary Pop

DETROIT - After going viral with his rewrite of Lukas Graham’s “7 Years,” JonPaul Wallace has silenced any critics who muttered the phrase, “one-hit-wonder.” While Wallace’s graduation performance of Graham’s hit…


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Darshania - Astral Traveling (feat. Illuminati Congo)


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Al-Rickjames - Sprinter Van (Feat. Trapmonstajugg)

Jamaican Vibes Come Alive on “Trap Caribbean,” as Al Rickjames Brings It 

ATLANTA - As trap music becomes more mainstream, many artists struggle to stand out among others. For Al Rickjames, the music speaks for it.  

Utilizing his Jamaican heritage and love for trap music, Rickjames combined both for a unique sound on his first album, “Trap Caribbean.” 

“I use my Jamaican culture…


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GB Flame - Want it my way

“Emotion$ 2” Burns with Passion as GB Flame Gets Lyrical about Real Life

LOUIS - Independent hip hop and rap artist GB Flame is not holding back with his latest album, “Emotion$ 2.”Packed with melodic rhymes and smooth hooks, he brings real-life issues to the forefront while keeping it real and offering hope for a better tomorrow. 

“Growing up in St. Louis has made me trauma-informed. Seeing a lot of tragedy and then seeing…


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Mitchell Heaton - Don’t Know Why

Mitchell Heaton of the HiCats Find His “Mount Hope” in First Solo EP

HAMILTON, ONTARIO - The Canadian group, The HiCats, are well known for their versatile hip hop lyrics and strong musical confidence, as each song gives listeners a special message. The loyal fan base of the group can rest easy; The HiCats are not breaking up. However, member Mitchell Heaton is gearing up to release his debut solo EP, “Mount Hope,” which promises to give HiCats fans…


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Paul Hoover - Totally Tubed

“Totally Tubed” Rides the High on Streaming Platforms, Showcasing Dale Bushka’s Songwriting Techniques 

SAUGUS, CALIFORNIA - Dale Bushka is a versatile songwriter stepping out into the limelight with his original song, “Totally Tubed,” and getting noticed for his melodic lyrics and ability to appeal to listeners in numerous genres.  

“I am very creative,” said Dale Bushka, who’s been writing songs for…


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Joju - I’ll Miss You Too (Ft. Olivia Randle)


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Deetrxll - Mr Trxll


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Shocks Band - One Hit Wonder

Shocks Band Blends Pop and Jazz in “One Hit Wonder” Album 

FLAGLER BEACH – The term “one-hit wonder” usually refers to an artist that has a hit and never releases another single to reach the previous song’s popularity. That is not the case for Shocks Band and their latest album, “One Hit…


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Bros Inc - Hide

Bros Inc tap into pain of the streets on inspiring new EP ‘Bully Way Living’

BALTIMORE, MD – Ma’el and Yasha Muhammad – AKA Bully Boy and 410 YDB – are biological brothers who make up the dynamic duo known as Bros Inc. This powerhouse hip-hop duo is lighting up the East Coast with their unique swag and standout style, which is featured on their new album “Bully Way Living,” for which they already have a deal with RMG Music/Sony. Featuring 10 songs…


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Pretty Tony - My Pocket Got Money

Pretty Tony, the King of Memphis Hip Hop Returns to His Throne With "My Pocket Got Money"

LOS ANGELES, CA. - Pretty Tony is a legend in the Memphis rap scene. His beats, hooks, and style laid the groundwork for rap music that exploded into mainstream music in the 1990s. The classic rap song "GetBuck" was the theme song for "gettin' buck" as fans were introduced to Memphis rap - and it was Pretty Tony who wrote, recorded, and produced the…


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Dolo Fibonacci - Cujo (Buss Out Da Trap)

Southern Rapper Dolo Fibonacci Perfects Soul Trap Music with “Cujo”

BIRMINGHAM - Diversity is the critical ingredient for Southern rap, and Alabama’s own Dolo Fibonacci is expanding that signature trap rap sound with “Cujo,” his latest album.

“My music is strictly out for feeling and emotion,” said Dolo Fibonacci. “My songs provide that.…


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