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Staten Island GOAT Pop Da Brown Hornet Hits Heavy In "MIC Champ" Video

Pop Da Brown Hornet delivers intimidating lyrical blows in "MIC Champ" video. Shot inside a boxing ring, the Staten Island legend wastes no time showing just why he's coined as the rhyme spitter whose mold can't be cut. No need for him to warm up, stretch, tape up, or gear up. “I been putting words together since Rapper’s Delight.” …


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AJ Chacka, Texas Indie Artist, Reveals #RAIG (Real As It Gets) EP

After the whirlwind success of his last project 'Trill As It Gets" Texas MC/songwriter AJ Chaka is back with another EP titled #RIAG (Real As It Gets). The 6-track project features diverse guest artists Rockwelz, Queen Ms.K, Re:Zen & Celebrity, and Cree8ion, along with guest producers Keith Burgess and Marcus Boyd…


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NY Lyrical Threat Rhymrcka Delivers "GET IT!" Video

Rhymrcka returns after his three-strike assaults, "Autobiography," "Look Out Boy," and "The Matrix." The verbal vigilante along with DCM ENT/WhoMag/Sony Orchards presents his latest single and video "GET IT!" produced by @pesopapi223.

The American Cream Team and Wutang Killah Bee affiliate drops reps of unstoppable bars…


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News: Dr. EnQi Shares New Findings On The Pancreas & Herbs

Producer of Dr. EnQi's latest documentary, Carlie Green, shares her views and life-changing experiences from Dr. EnQi. His latest finding, can he heal pancreas beta cells with herbs. Find out below along with more medical/health must-read information. 

I have witnessed Dr. Enqi personally go from a to z with this documentary process…


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LaBronx James Enlists Thirstin Howl The 3rd In "The Plug" Video

LaBronx James, a renowned MC/entrepreneur/member of Lo Life Family Miami enlists Thirstin Howl The 3rd for his new video "The Plug." The single is produced by Zay Skillz and is out now on all streaming platforms. LaBronx James displays both lyrical and business mastery which is underlined by enticing horns. Whether it's on the mic or…


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T3mpo Tai & SKYIV Records Present His New Single "Push Back"

T3mpo Tai releases his brand new single titled "Push Back" available now on all streaming platforms. T3mpo Tai (a name given to him while incarcerated) shows off his ability to deliver the perfect blend of east coast grittiness and southern swag by way of his storytelling and catchy lyricism. In "Push Back" T3mpo Tai reminds everyone…


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Edurk Black Pablo Releases The Official Video For "Tear Me Down"

Reality rap artist/Ceo of Awol G.Code Promotions Edurk Black Pablo releases visuals to his latest single "Tear Me Down." The track is produced by Pablo and Frank G and features T. Rell and Ziggy Zig Zag. Through cut-throat bars, Pablo and his crew remind folks about the consequences of falling in love with the streets; a prison sentence or…


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Michael Braxton Delivers New Single (Instrumental) "Let Me See"

Get Money Filmz and Michael Braxton announce the release of "Let Me See." The single comes after the buzz from his hit single "Purple In My Cup." Both singles along with upcoming releases can be heard in the forthcoming movie Unfinished Business (same title for the mini-series he directs).

Immediately "Let Me See"…


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Chloe Banks Releases New Single Titled "Kray"

Chloe Banks, an independent recording artist releases her new single to the world titled "Kray." The song depicts a kaleidoscope of emotions for a certain special man but also reveals that she won't go crazy over him or for him. She's been catching feelings for him on the regular and spending time with him on the regular. In fact, he just…


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P.A.T.T.O.N. Drops New Single "Pop It"


Indie Hip Hop artist P.A.T.T.O.N. releases a new hit single "Pop It" out now on streaming platforms. The Houston-Texas native flows over a cascade of smooth melodies and knocking bass. His lyrical tale serves as an innovative Bonnie and Clyde. His Bonnie will pop it for him in every sense of the word and then some. She might dry…


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"Stand Up" To Poetic Killa's New Charting Anthem/Single

To all the real ones out there; stand up, put your hands up, and violate that repeat button on Poetic Killa's new anthem-style single "Stand Up." The Boston-based emcee wastes no time flowing over gritty, cinematic melodies with hard lyrical antics and raw energy. 

Killa's school of hard knocks dealings are transparent and resonate through the…


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JLC & A.A.G. Records Present "Illuminate One" (Single)

Texas artist/CEO JLC and A.A.G. Records announce the release of his new single "Illuminate One", already topping indie charts worldwide and available on streaming platforms. Throughout the track JLC sheds light on decisions artists ongoingly face in the music industry, although some are for the better, but at what cost. 

JLC even opens…


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Health News: Dr. EnQi Breaks Down Melanin, Water, and Powering Our Cells

Tap in below to learn more about Enqis Cycle, and how melanin and water power our cells. This is an informative, must-read by Dr. EnQi. 

Fear and Stress are ancient bad guys that are associated with the Food system, Lack is their child. Love and Laughter are the ancient good guys and Abundance is their child. Knowing and Intuition are…


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The Clergy and DeviceTrax present "Bout Time!" (Video & Album)

Youngstown, Ohio emcee/producer/songwriter DeviceTrax along with The Clergy release "Bout Time!" video and album. After a long hiatus, DeviceTraxs returns to the scene on power 10 and unleashes a whole new lyrical beast. Don't let the rooftop vibes fool you from minutes of hard-hitting aggressive bars. The self-produced track amplifies his raw emotion while his signature bars set the tone for his return. Watch "Bout Time!" and stay tuned for the release of the album. …


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Pengame Classic x Casso Beats 'Casso's Theme' (Full Album)

Pengame Classic and Casso Beats end 2021 with guns blazing in 'Casso's Theme' full-length album. The 15-track project, out now on all platforms, includes guest appearances from Jus Write, City The Great, Jae Law aka Hindrix, Celdom Seen, Chambs, and Ha$h.

The duo displays unparalleled chemistry that listeners are sure to grip onto,…


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DJ Bad Tha Problem Drops 'Turn Up Music [EDM Edition] Vol. 13' (Mixtape)

Certified Hitz Music Group and the vetted DJ Bad Tha Problem present 'Turn Up Music [EDM Edition] Vol. 13.' The mixtape is out now on digital platforms. Be prepared for this invigorating dose of EDM and Hip Hop mixes delivered on high decibels by Florida's own DJ Bad Tha Problem. Also, check out our exclusive interview…


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LowkeyNel Releases Steamy "Mercy" Visuals

LowkeyNel releases steamy visuals to her charting single "Mercy." The track is taken from her latest 'Gemini Vibes 2' album out now on all streaming platforms. The Queen's-based rapper has no qualms demanding her bedroom needs and over smooth yet invigorating melodies she delivers blatantly blunt erotic…


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Boelyfe Jaine Releases "Flossin" (Official Video)

Black Forbes List Entertainment and Boelyfe Jaine release the official video for the charting single "Flossin." The Chicago-based rapper is out here flossin, not your average gloating or showing off track, rather Boelyfe is sharing her earned shine from a legit 24/7 grind. She takes audiences into her…


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Saint Soprano Releases "Running Out Of Time" Official Video

Saint Soprano, Buffalo, NY artist & native releases the official video for "Running Out Of  Time". The single is from his latest album titled 'Crossroads.'

The vetted Hip Hop artist delivers potent lyricism with unbending emotions to capture what it's like being raised in a city of crime. Over a…


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Brother Polight Presents The Janitor (Interview with Sam Paul Gene Tomas & Bunny Rabbit)

Sam Paul Gene Tomas sits down for an extremely in-depth and explicit interview with Bunny Rabbit regarding Brother Polight's current allegations. Proceed with caution...

Sam: Peace my name is Sam. How should I address you for this interview?

Bunny: Bunny Rabbit 

Sam: Many say he is as good as or even better…


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