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Etymology 101 - Bless and Nice

Lets have another lesson into the wonderful world of this bastard-language known as Englisch which is not fit for a Godbody and strays away from the original symbols and depictions used successfully to actually describe things for thousands of years.

The study of the history of words…


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Everything has an exact specific frequency. Thoughts are frequencies. Thinking emanates a stream of energy that causes all matter to begin to resonate (move) with the energy of your thinking.  The establishment of the movement of quantum particles (which are the basic building blocks for all matter) within a field of energy containing information establishes a standard…


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By breaking down and analyzing the main characters names in this movie we will be provided with several keys that will unlock and open many back doors in your life.  We shall take a look at Neo, Morpheus, Cypher, the Oracle, Agent Smith, Zion, Nebuchadnezzar, Tank, and of course the Matrix.

(1) NEO - means "new" by actually going from Thomas Anderson to Neo he changed…


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Etymology 101 - Black

What is the real definition of words ?

When you speak certain sounds you are negatively invoking, limiting, programming and helping to fully condition your mind into the-bastard-language of control and similar to the …


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