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Who Are Filthy Fingers United??

"With 50 some producers from across the US on a mad rampage to take over the universe. From Seattle to Florida, San Diego to Brooklyn, we got you covered.

The constantly evolving organism of like minded producers putting in work to support the music wherever it happens, however it happens, for the sake of survival in the new digital…


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Dj King Flow is back with another installment of his "Mixtape Addict" series.

You Can Listen To And Download The Mixtape Here (Click Here)

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Check Out M.C. Mack

Memphis rap legend M.C. Mack knows the true meaning of consistency. He hasn’t looked back since penning his first rhyme in the sixth grade. By age 37, he’s sold more than 150,000 records independently and is considered a legend by many in the South. 

M.C. Mack obtained his initial exposure through his affiliation with Three 6 Mafia.…


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Check Out Soapbox Scooter

After serving in the armed forces for six years and participating in the Gulf War, Darren (Scooter) Spencer found himself homeless for over two years. Deciding that life’s harsh blows would not determine his path in life but would only make him stronger, he got up and fought back. Now, he uses his life’s experiences to mentor ALL young men, regardless of…


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Who Is Langston Hughes III??

Langston Hughes III (LH3) is an American Hip Hop group from Charleston, SC. The group consists of Renaissance men: Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion and Da Moja DJ Cory B. The group's music is a natural progression of the "golden era" of hip hop music they have termed Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. "We are not stuck in the 90s, but we also do not move to the beat…


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Check Out "Brock Lesnar" -Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah)

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Check Out Triangle Hip-Hop Network

There's a LOT of competition in Hip-Hop when it comes to beats,with the current technology anybody with a computer can call themselves a producer. cats using the same patterns and drum kits trying to sound like the next hot thing. The Triangle Hip-Hop Network is trying to break that trend by making their own lane. the Durham, North Carolina based company strives on 2…


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Check Out Young Gutta (3rd Coast G's)

Coming from the state of Texas, Young Gutta is here to make an impression in this crazy rap game. and along with his 3rd Coast G's hes doing just that.

"I started young at 12 years old loving the way music made me feel. I knew then it was gone be apart of everyday life. I used to look up to my cousins a lot because they taught me how to put my rhymes on paper.…


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