Collaborative Divorce Agreements

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires their own attorney, but the attorneys agree to be part of a collaborative divorce process rather than an adversarial one, as happens in contested divorce situations. Both attorneys must be familiar with and willing to work as a collaborative divorce attorney. In the collaborative גירושין process, attorneys and their clients work both to negotiate the individual needs of each spouse while trying to be fair and respectful of the other spouse. It seeks to settle the divorce in a way that honors the wellbeing of both spouses and seeks the best interest of a couple's children.

Contested Divorce Settlement

Contested divorce is the kind of divorce that's always in the news with celebrities. But these types of גירושין happen in real life too, and they are necessary for many types of relationships when the two spouses are unable to agree upon important issues. In a contested divorce, each spouse hires an individual attorney to represent their interests in adversarial role. An individual's attorney will have divorced papers served against the other spouse which requires them to meet in court to work out the details of the divorce.

A contested divorce may be necessary in cases where:

· A child custody arrangement cannot be agreed upon

· There is a disagreement about how property or financial assets should be split

· The marriage is abusive

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