The Founder of 8UP MUSIC, David Jahn, has been dependent on music from a young age. He was about nine years old when he started writing his own songs. By eleven, he had established himself as a street performer. With a boombox and a hat for change, some peers of his joined him for the performances at random locations all over the city of Phoenix. By 19, he was working hard to build his own studio so that he could start recording and producing his music. Engulfed in research, determined to find the secrets to this mastary, he spent many hours of his life in front of a laptop reading all that he could, experimenting relentlessly determined to find his own sound. With the recession of 2008 knocking many down, he lost his studio after surviving a freak accident that left him paralyzed for three years. David, aka Laylow Witit as of 2008, spent most of this time set on making a plan to get his studio back and get back to where he left off. When asked what music means to him, his response was: “Music is the vibration of life. I wouldn’t know how else to describe it. Music drives the evolution of society. Music is all about vibrations and so is life.” The first step was furthering his education at KMG Life in Boulder, Colorado. Since then he’s been recording and producing hundreds of songs with various artists like: C-nile Da Vincci, House of RMS & OBEZ Ent., Kanon Lebron, Black Mask Music Movement, BZB Connection, Overdoze, Wuicho from UA1 and many other Colorado and surrounding area artists. He’s steadily working on music daily, 2-3 shows a week, and shooting and editing his own videos with the help of close friends. His drive for success never tarnished by the hardships he faced.





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