A Devil Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend Then Rapes Her Dead Body

Brutish Behavior.

A diabolical beast from Illinois is now charged for killing a becky and her unborn child at a Door County resort.

Brian Cooper, 35, faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one for third-degree sexual assault.

Last month, the “white” brute strangled 22-year-old Alisha Bromfield at a resort in the town of Nasewaupee.

The two were staying in the area for a wedding.

According to the criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Bromfield had wanted to break it off with Cooper and he “didn’t want to go home single.”

When the two returned to their hotel room following the wedding, Alisha went to bed.

The complaint says that Cooper was bothered by this “because she was being cold and indifferent.”

The document goes onto to say that the luciferian watched Bromfield sleep for about two and a half hours. During that time he smoked cigarettes and drank beer.

Cooper’s statement to investigators says when Bromfield woke up; the two briefly talked and were on the bed together. That’s when according to the complaint, he got on top of her, put his hands around her throat and started choking her.

The court document says she cried out, “Don’t do this to me, think of the baby.” But the evil barbarian didn’t give a damn!

Cooper told investigators that the struggle continued until she became silent and motionless.

The criminal complaint also says after Bromfield was killed, Cooper undressed her and undressed himself and raped the body.

Cooper told investigators he later covered Bromfield’s body with a blanket because “I felt this was the respectful thing to do.”

WTF?! These “white” devils got jokes!!

Anyway this “white” demon then tried multiple times to kill himself before calling 911 from a Sister Bay gas station.

Cooper is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Door County court Wednesday morning.

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