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Artist Name: A DOT JOSH

Album Title: THE PRODIGY

Artist Bio: A Dot Josh” It started as a way to find who I really am. Of course, my childhood traumas would come back to haunt me and I realized I’ve been putting on a façade just to get me through the motions. But after a serious break up at the age of 21, I soul searched and experimented with LSD. Back then I found it hard to smile and life seemed mundane. That was until I heard Chance the Rapper’sAcid Rap” and “10 Days” which reminded me of all the little things that made me happy as a kid. And showed me how even though things weren’t ideal, I WAS happy. And I could be happy again. You see, I fell into a deep depression followed by the death by suicide of a close friend, Austin. And I felt I was heading in the same direction. Life was meaningless. So I decided to tell my side of reality. Throughout my musical career I hope to let his spirit live on, as referenced in ‘The Garden.’ A Dot Josh to me, now, is my way of reinventing my story, thanks to help from Kuntry Locos and KlocoK Music. Rather than being self absorbed, I want to empathize and relate to those struggling with life, and show people that life CAN go on, too. And you could be in a completely different place in a matter of 2 years. My life has changed since I found music. And I hope to inspire other’s to find that THING that keeps them going. Just how someone did for me.

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