A Nostalgic and Self-Reflective Musical Track: The Jersey Rapper’s Latest Single Is a Stroll Down His Own Memory Lane

Focused mainly on storytelling, the artist summons his wisdom and life experiences to create the finest music of his career

Ridgewood, New Jersey — October 31st, 2022- LilBigBrah, who is also referred to as the admiral, in a flashy new release raps with his core memories in mind. The breadth of his travels from New York to his move to New Jersey draw the stories conjured illusively in the bars on his new track. He goes into deeper engagement with the song as his voyage is even more closely represented in his lushly arranged melodies.

The pulse of the song varies but the exhilarating feeling of a voyage like track is powerful on this single. The raw energy of LilBigBrah’s Rap is kinetic when he, under an electrifying production, cuts through with his smooth-edged voice into the emotionality of triumphing through the storms of life. There’s a smashing mainstream punch as the song flows back and forth between the chorus and the verses. The transitions, at the very least, contain the touch of keeping listening on their feet until the last beat fades out.

Although different from before in the magnitude of distinctness, the artist’s delivery carries a newfound sense of purpose spreading wisdom and novelty in doing better. Notably evidenced by the meticulous decisions in ad-libs, tone and build up, LilBigBrah’s music sounds far more original and even confident in his own identity as an independent artist.

He claims the eyes that see the mind will see his track and his EP ‘Truths of Survival.’ It is for those who are on par with his mindset and will be encouraged to spread the goodness of their heart that he wants listening to his music.

Stream LilBigBrah’s music on his official music platforms as well as YouTube and Spotify. Follow the artist on his official social media for updates on newer music. For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through email.



LilBigBrah is a rapper born in New York City in a family where he is the brother of two .  Growing up, after him and his family had successfully moved to New Jersey, the artist had to experience unexpected turns in life. As the eldest son, LilBigBrah grew up navigating the pressures and stressors of his life all on his own. His experiences may have shaped him, but he has not let those experiences take away how moving they can be perceived.

The rapper repeatedly states that with the right mindset you will certainly witness your growth and that you should never neglect yourself amidst the turmoil of life.


LilBigBrah aka The Admiral
Name: LilBigBrah
Address: 84 Chestnut st, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Email: lilbigbra@icloud.com


YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCEmyH_dheIXz8b9D6cUVlAw

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