An eccentric, upbeat mix of hip-hop and rap tunes: Dita Truth Releases a Hit New Album That Relates to Everyone.

‘The Ghosts ep’ is a brilliant new collection of music that spreads a message of hope to all those forlorn souls going through some hard challenges in their life.

Akron, Ohio — Damon Akers, the founder of Dita Truth, is a new up-and-coming artist who produces an alluring blend of hip-hop and rap music that makes audiences groove. The singer wishes to send a message of hope to all those individuals struggling with the tall challenges that life has thrown at them. This core message underpins the musician’s artistic endeavors- the simple need to facilitate those that require support.

The star has gone through multiple hardships in his life. From violence, health complications, and drug abuse, to the general lack of a home and safe space, Damon has defeated all odds stacked against him to build a new life away from these troubles. The sheer strength of self-reflection and support has pulled the singer from the depths of despair to realize his true calling, to a stable life and future. It is the shades of this hope that one sees as an enduring theme in his music.

‘The Ghosts ep” is a fresh new consortium of music that covers multifarious subject areas. Singles such as “witness”, “made for it Ft yung juice from da Ak “ , “all falls down”, and “all gon eat” are premised on different life phases and their impact on Damon’s life. Each song is an intimate look into the realities that plague the life of all those who have consistently been disadvantaged in life. By using music as an escape from the harsh realities of life, the eclectic singer has helped bring a fresh new outlook on life into the redundant artistic landscape of the music industry.

Damon has been dutifully committed to music, opening for Lil Wyte, DJ Paul of three six mafias, Caine 216 from Bone Thugs, Caskey of Cash Money Records, and Kelsey Lynn. He has also been featured on multiple internet radio interviews and podcasts. The rapper has dropped over forty songs and received over 100k streams off of his hard work. This sheer commitment to his craft and immense authenticity in music has helped the singer inspire many.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Spotify at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and collaborations reach out through this email



A resident of Ohio and father of three children, Damon Akers is a welcome new addition to the hip-hop music industry. This rapper ex gang member turned community activist has a keen eye out for the problems that society faces today. His rich life background has helped highlight the kind of problems that most individuals face in their life. This has re-centered the need for recovery and mental health-oriented approaches to provide support to those who need it most.

Damon, on his part, uses music as a means of empathy for anyone who has gone through similar challenges in life. The singer produces an extremely alluring mix of upbeat tunes  and compelling lyrics that force everyone to get up and sway. These melodies coupled with deep and meaningful lyrics inspire all those that come across them. Tune into the rising star’s most recent Album ‘The Ghosts ep’ for a one-stop ethereal musical experience!


Dita Truth / Moment of Truth Recordings LLC
Name: Dita truth
Address: 474 Sherman St apt 202, Akron, Ohio



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