An Unrivalled and Unparalleled Rap Genius- Presenting the Force of the One and Only ‘Doja’

An artistic genius and ‘The Music Messiah’- Doja is taking the music world by storm with his resonant musical vision and distinctive sound

Atlanta, GA — Amassing hundreds of thousands of streams with his distinctive Rap verses and inimitable flow, Doja remains unparalleled. The Only 1- Doja is driven to rule hearts and minds with a stellar collection of singles that are set to take any listener’s breath away.

From fiercely addictive lyricism in “NO Hook?” to a memorable, viscerally appealing, and authentic soundscape in “Freak!” and “5 Guys,” Doja is cementing his place as a creative genius. The eclectic artist plans to release a new single every month, followed by a completely original album during the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year.

An artistic force, Doja is currently touring numerous venues in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and intends to do shows that will be popping up at a new venue each week. Motivating, inspiring, and moving audiences with his enigmatic blends, the artist’s music brings together the soul and heart of Motown and spins it with the 808 thumping Trap, Rap, and R&B style of down south.

Having incorporated ‘healing frequencies’ in his unique musical compositions, the artist is hopeful that his musical hits will touch audiences and move their hearts, minds, and souls. A timeless presence in Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B, Doja independently writes, records, and produces his music, apart from electric collaborations with contemporary artists.

“I create great music that people can vibe out to as well as music others can turn up to and have a good time. No matter what song anyone listens to, I can guarantee it will touch their heart and they will relate to everything I say and feel every sound in my music,” affirms Doja.

With a focused plan and goals to tour and perform in every city in the U.S. and abroad, Doja is currently working on his own record label to support up-and-coming independent artists. Through his envisioned platform, he aims to grant talented artists the right kind of exposure and support to get their art out there.

Listen to DOJA’s music on Spotify, add the artist to your playlists, and follow him on Instagram @only1doja, Twitter @only1doja, and Tiktok @only1dojaa for updates on new and upcoming music! Feel free to contact the artist for interviews, podcasts, show bookings, collaborations, reviews & future events:



Doja is a dynamic recording artist, engineer, producer, songwriter, and singer who originally hails from Detroit, Michigan but now calls Atlanta his home. With a vibrant energy and unique creativity, Doja has captured the attention of the underground music scene in Atlanta and beyond. Fans can catch him performing at venues like Harlem Nights and spreading his music across the globe. The seasoned artist’s music is far from ordinary, as he seamlessly blends melodies and creates masterpieces that will resonate with the listener’s emotions. Don’t miss out on this talented artist – follow him now before he becomes a household name and you’re left feeling like a hype beast!


Name: Doja



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