Bernie Sanders - The Next U.S. President

September 2015

First of all, Presidential U.S. elections are not won by ballot, especially now that there is an "adjustable" electronic voting system in place. Elections are won by the candidate with the most "special interest group" money to invest in advertising and the most influence over the Zionist owned media monopolies and pollsters.

The next President of the USA has already been chosen by the shadow government of ruling families.

Let's look at the top candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties according to media coverage and the "fixed" polls.


Donald Trump is a proven sexist, racist, egotistical liar who admits he gets his political knowledge from watching TV. He blatantly lied during the recent Republican debate by denying thet he donated money to get political support for a casino in Florida and was turned down by Jeb Bush. He also lied about not filing for bankruptcy four times - which he did.

The recent anti-Muslim, anti-Obama questioner in Trump's town hall meeting was a "plant", an "actor" who no one has been able to locate. It was a "set-up" to get Trump more free publicity. His fan base is Islamophobic and anti-Obama. Trump is DANGEROUS.


Carla Fiorina has an unlikable "persona", a disastrous record in financial management and she's also a proven liar. She rarely cracks a smile but has a history of cracking nuts (ball breaking) in the boardroom as CEO at Hewlet-Packard. She’s been publicly lying about her track record as CEO of HP. Carly was fired in 2005, after six years in office, several leading publications titled her one of the worst technology CEOs of all time. Sure, she doubled revenues—through a massive, ill-conceived, controversial acquisition of Compaq Computer in 2002—but Fiorina did nothing to increase profits over her five-year term. Shareholder wealth at HP was sliced by 52% under her reign against the S&P, which was down only 15% in that bearish period. The stock popped 10% on the news of her firing and closed the day up 7%.

Arianna Packard, the granddaughter of HP’s founder, discouraged voters from supporting Fiorina, “I know a little bit about Carly Fiorina, having watched her almost destroy the company my grandfather founded.”

Carly Fiorina lied during the GOP debate about having seen a live, heart-beating, kicking fetus on video that was kept alive so it's brain could be harvested by "Planned Parenthood". This is false. No video has ever shown such a thing. The videos only show testimonials that may be false.

Carly Fiorina said during the GOP debate that her first action as President would be to call Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel which is her biggest priority despite the genocidal Palestinian holocaust taking place in Isreal and the building of Jewish settlements on palestinian land. This woman is DANGEROUS.


Ben carson is inexperienced, droopy-eyed and a sleepy speaker who, as a physician, supports the pharmaceutical industry and falsely claimed there is no relationship between vaccines and autism. The public will not vote for another black President.


'Pant suit Hillary' has too many skeletons in her closet and is considered untrustworthy. The law breaking email controversy and Bengahzi are hanging over her head like guillotines. Like Fiorina, she has a dislikable "persona" for many voters. Like Carly, Hillary's financing comes from the same old Washington "special interest groups", namely the Jewish Zionists.


Joe Biden is waiting to see the poll numbers and if Hillary can survive the growing scandals and increasingly weak polling. If he enters the race, it will be to pick up Hillary's votes. Clinton's campaign would have to totally collapse - which it won't. Biden won't be able to out-campaign her. He’d have to build a financial and get-out-the vote operation to compete with Clinton. Clinton has a core of passionate supporters. Biden doesn’t have that. Emotional affection for his life story and tragedy is not the same as passion for the cause of his candidacy.


Bernie Sanders is a Jew and he has the Jewish vote, the Zionist vote and the Pope's vote. The Pope is here preaching Marxist-Leninist socialism and New World Order propaganda. The Pope (the richest man in Earth) and Bernie Sanders (friend of the richest men on Earth) are telling the poor and the middle class what they want to hear. They are playing Robin Hood - take from the rich and give to the poor. The New World Order is a "communist" Orwellian world order......

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