Big bank$ is a rising artist from Seattle Washington who moved to Miami. He started music in the fourth grade seeing his mother do her thing in the industry. He knew he wanted to be great at something in life and I felt like music would have something to do with it. He's always wanted to create something that people wouldn’t deny as quality work and is super nit picky about a lot when it comes to the Music but he's open to all types of sounds and genres ironically.

He was recently overseas in japan in the military and while in the service Big Bank$ was also creating more music bettering his craft every chance he could get he released about 6 albums while being in the service and the 6th one that just dropped is really one of his best pieces of work. He says, "I feel I’m not your typical artist I do everything myself from the engineering to the vocals to the producing I have my hands everywhere."

"This album sad land will really take you through my mind state while being overseas and just a black man in this day n age with everyday feelings that most tend to hide." He's not ashamed to share that truth that we all have inside at one point or another in our lifetime. The album SAD LAND gives the vibe or inspiration to embrace your sadness really feel it and know that you will get through it despite the fact it may feel other wise, we are all human. 

Big Bank$ also has more albums in the works and an ep on the way called FLOATATION and another album to expect called INSOMNIAC STORIES, which will both be a trip within a trip.

Big Bank$ hopes the people who listen to his music really get the message that you are not alone in how your feeling someone else in the world has definitely shared the same pain and the keys to moving forward to cope with that pain can be to reach out to someone or even listen to his music. He is constantly uploading new content on his social media pages and music platforms. so if you ever need someone to reach out to you can reach out to Big Bank$ or listen to his music to get you through because hhe guarantees it will help.

YOUTUBE-Big banks
SoundCloud-big bank$

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