Check Out Artist Spotlight: Scottie Jax “Musical Jax of all trades” Writer, Music Producer, Video director

Scottie Jax

Not so much a Jack of all trades, but a "Jax of all trades". Scottie Jax, a self-taught writer, music producer, and video director, is a humbled one man band. Scott knew that music was his destiny after his 5th grade music teacher spoke highly of him to his principal after watching a Bach documentary. "He was like a statue. His eyes never left the TV screen".

If you are unfamiliar with Scottie Jax, his music has been referred to by others as different and somewhat weird in a way. Unlike a majority of producers who use instruments such as guitars, pianos, etc. Scott regularly uses sound effects in his melodies. He even stated in an interview that he once used a heartbeat as a kick and a trash can as a snare in one of his beats. Video editing is also one of his many talents. "I didn't really take it seriously at first.

My close friend Adot and I went to a club and our birthdays are a week apart. We didn't have anyone there to film us since it was only me and him. So we took turns shooting each other and that's how I got my start. -Scottie Jax". Many of you may not know of Scottie Jax, but many celebs are familiar with him. In 2007, Scottie and friends put together a mixtape titled "Network and Opportunity" which was hosted by Unkasa of the Harlem Diplomats.

Scottie later put out his first solo mixtape a couple of years later that had features from French Montana, Styles P, and more. Many people are also unaware he is the official producer of Max B's song "Won't Go Back", track 13 on Max B's 2009 "Quarantine" mixtape. If you're looking for music that has a boom bap feel with a new twist, give his music a try.

Contact Scottie Jax and here his music via the links below.

THE MUSIC LINKS: (You Tube Channel)


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