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01. Jung Coasta - #IAmCoasta [Prod. By xP Musik]
02. Jung Coasta - Sponsor [Prod. By Casino]
03. Charlie Scorsazy - Throw Away (Feat. Jung Coasta & Bob-Bo) [Prod. By Casino]
04. Jung Coasta - She Said It [Prod. By Pyroman]
05. Jung Coasta - Say Somethin' (Feat. Charlie Scorsazy)
06. Jung Coasta - Crazy [Prod. By Platinum Sellers]
07. Jung Coasta - Drug Habit (Feat. Charlie Scorsazy) [Prod. By xP Musik]
08. Jung Coasta - Wanna Be (Feat. Mr Blue Ghost) [Prod. By Mick Business]
09. Jung Coasta - Athlete (Feat. Charlie Scorsazy & Mr Blue Ghost) [Prod. By xP Musik]
10. Jung Coasta - Judging [Prod. By Migl Beatz & Vybe Beatz]
11. Jung Coasta - Superstar Chick (Feat. J Marz) [Prod. By xP Musik]
12. Jung Coasta - Been Like That (Feat. Maine Benji) [Prod. By Platinum Sellers]
13. Jung Coasta - Waited So Long (Feat. Jung TrU) [Prod. By Platinum Sellers]
14. Jung Coasta - Forever [Prod. By Platinum Sellers]
15. Jung Coasta - Don't Worry Bout Me [Prod. By Platinum Sellers]
16. Jung Coasta - Da Ghetto (Feat. Maine Benji) [Prod. By xP Musik]

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