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Lorenzo Breeze

What the F**k Is Up



"Wow, Wow, Wow", were the first three words that came out of the mouth of an inside source when we asked him about the some of the Tracks on Lorenzo Breeze's new album "WTF Is Up", which drops 7-28-15. From our understanding this album is describe as a prime example of what a complete body of work should sound like from a hip hop perspective. "You can notice a vast array of sounds and different flows with the records, so what ever mood or emotion you can possible feel is captured on this the album, whether you want to turn up or you're facing a troubling situation". Once the album drops we will have full
critic so stay tune.
twitter/IG @lorenzobreeze

2. Want Peace
3. 7:30 (feat. Shaun Aaron
4. Ride For Me
5. Ching Ching
6. She Wants Some
7. Like This
8. Check
9. Best Rapper Alive
10. Just 1
11. Try So Hard
12. Better With Time
13. Control the World
14. Consistent Love
15. Pusher (feat. Barkim

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