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Stepdad was created by animated television writers Brian Caban, Michael Martin and writer/creator Floyd Smith.

Stepdad is an animated show about an upper-class suburban family who come to realize life is not as picture-perfect as it seems. Everything falls apart when the mom, Megan Peterson, began cheating on her mayor-elect husband, Scott Peterson. The unfortunate, yet hilarious part is the affair is taking place with a black dude from the hood named Tyrone. This cartoon is a blend of extreme stereotypes, punchy humor, and social satire. It pokes fun at real life issues and current events in a way that is funny, yet relatable to all audiences.

The story takes place after the couples’ divorce when Scott moves in with his next-door neighbor, Pedro. Scott loses his house, his job, and on top of it all, Tyrone is living next door as a Stepdad to his family. The cartoon follows Scott’s new life as an unemployed ex-husband, and Tyrone’s, as an unemployed Stepdad. It also follows the life of Seth, Scott Peterson’s son, and his imaginary friends Cow and Megabot, resulting in hilarious consequences and wacky adventures.

“It has been tremendous fun developing this creation with the rest of my partners and it’s exciting to now have Dough From Da Go joining the Marketing team,” commented Brian Caban, who is also President of the Stepdad brand. “The stories that underscore adventure and fun will be relatable to teens and adults throughout the globe and we're excited to unleash this piece of work.”

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Breakdown of "StepDad" characters:

Tyrone is the Stepdad that represents everything Scott Peterson thinks about the inner-city. Tyrone is a loud, abrasive, weed-smoking felon with no dreams or aspirations. His biggest crime was stealing Scott’s wife, Megan Peterson. At the same time, it was also his biggest accomplishment in order to move out of the inner-city. He brings his ghetto lifestyle and in-your-face attitude to the calm, quiet, and unsuspecting suburbs.

Scott is the recently unemployed and divorced father trying to get his life back in order. After resigning as mayor, catching his wife cheating, and losing his home, he decided to move in with his next-door neighbor, Pedro. Scott’s mild-mannered personality, paired with his new spontaneous lifestyle, make everyday an interesting and entertaining adventure.

Megan is the ex-wife of Scott Peterson, who has always had a fascination with black culture and rap music. Which ultimately led to her affair with Tyrone. She’s a naive, suburban soccer mom from an upper-class family. She ended up sleeping with her new lover for a little excitement after a long, tenuous, boring marriage with her ex-husband, Scott Peterson.

Seth is that anti-social fat kid that everyone has known at some point in their life. He has no friends, a broken family, and is constantly bullied at school. He is not very close to his father or mother, but has hopes that his Stepdad, Tyrone, will help him become cool and more accepted by his peers. After eating some of Tyrone’s “special brownies”, he becomes friends with his newly acquainted and imaginary friends, Cow and Megabot.

Cow is a laid-back smooth-talking cow who only appears when people are high. His only objective in life is evil, and the only person he likes is Tyrone, his stoner buddy. He also has an ongoing beef with an evil robot named Megabot.

Megabot is a super hero from the planet Neutron, who Seth admires, but only comes to life when Seth is high. He is secretly evil and always trying to kill his arch nemesis, Cow, and is also constantly plotting on killing Seth and his entire “family”.

Pedro is Scott Peterson’s Hispanic neighbor who has decided to let Scott move in after his divorce. The only problem is that Pedro is crazy, eccentric, and extremely paranoid. His constant angry tirades and sending Scott on bizarre journeys ultimately result in very humorous and entertaining situations.

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