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Chicago- known for its’ mighty wind; its’ good meat, gangster history and notorious South Side. However, this capital of the Midwest has become known in more recent history for producing incredible music artists. From R Kelly to Common. Twista to Lupe Fiasco, and of course, Kanye West. The city has become known for incredible urban music whose style is impossible to categorize.

A native of the South Side, hailing from the “Wild 100’s”, Marc Forbes is not a new face to the music scene in his hometown. With numerous projects under his belt with his group, 3rd Shift, as well as his own solo mixtape, his record company Yacht Boy Music Assn. has been making major moves since the dawn of the new millennium. Marc Forbes is the CEO of Yacht Boy Music Assn, the company he founded with his partner, Boo Illa. Their goals are simple,

Yacht Boy Assn represents the new American boy.” Marc Forbes latest movements have put him in position to work with a number of well known artist and producers (The Olympicks, Miykal Snoddy, Grammy award winning producer Jared Lee Gossilin, Dope Shit, Ray J, Kay Fox, Young RJ, Cap 1, The Bake Up Boyz, MC Breed). His upcoming project, is sure to be an instant classic in the streets of Chicago and worldwide.

Marc Forbes is also known as Mr. Six Six, a reference to his tall, slender frame and his intimidating stature. He also likes to refer to himself as “The Mayor” in a number of his songs, “because I make things happen in and around Chicago”. The father of one daughter, family is his motivation and he considers himself a motivational speaker as well as a rapper; his musical influences are vast ranging from Jay-Z, 2 Pac to Frankie Beverly and Maze. Marc Forbes has a musical style that is self-described as “Yacht music”. He plans on bringing something to the rap game that it has been missing, “The game is missing a real playa to keep it real and kick that playa shit to show niggas how to be ‘playaz’ and who can also tell kids the right way to grow up; and the game is also lacking confidence. Basically the game is missing Marc Forbes. “ Maybe so, but not for long.

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