Comcast New York Sees Hope in #HOODXLIVE

#HOODXLIVE continues the new campaign by broadcasting LIVE from New York tonight at 12:30am (Central time)

TONIGHT at 12:30am (Central Time) announced today that they will be teaming up with Comcast in New York City to broadcast their very popular television show, #HOODXLIVE.  

Comcast New York's broadcast range reaches millions of homes in New York state and their live stream from will reach countless amounts of people through their independent network.

MNN also broadcasts to millions of New York residents through AT&T, Verizon, and RCN.

While most stations in New York only broadcast to it's respective borough, MNN's span reaches the entire state of New York, giving an opportunity to reach many new #HOODXLIVE fans through Comcast Network.

"While many independent musicians are looking for new ways to expand their reach, HOODX continues to deliver new ways of doing just that, using new technology through streaming and national broadcasting through Comcast Network," says Alfonzo "K-Blao" Thomas, CEO of HOODX.  "No other company is giving independent musicians the consistent exposure that we are giving them on Comcast cable.  Our system is pretty solid."

HOODX has just signed a new deal with Comcast New York, Atlanta, and Philadelphia to secure another 12 episodes of #HOODXLIVE during the winter of 2017.   Independent musicians are encouraged to submit their music videos to for review.

#HOODXLIVE can be seen streaming everyday on  Comcast cable streams live to every night around 11:00pm (Central time), depending on what city is hosting.  The schedule and live stream can be seen here.

Sign up for to submit your video today.

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Comment by dinah on August 31, 2017 at 5:30pm

thats whats up!

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