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Convert MP3 Files to YouTube Ready Videos

With millions of videos uploaded everyday, YouTube is not only a source for videos, but also a very active music community! That is why we here at NIT recommend all indie artists to take advantage of the YouTube platform to upload their tracks, even without a video for the track. Music is being consumed by the millions of plays per day on this site so you need your videos where fans are searching! Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, there are some very strong SEO factors that will allow your song to be discovered via YouTube or Google search, further expanding your reach! You can even monetize the video if you own all rights to your song and the images you use!

There are many tools for Converting MP3 files to YouTube Video Files, but we recommend to check out the new MP3 to Video Converter website, which is a quick and easy way to make your track into a YouTube ready video for distribution on YouTube. It is free, simple and easy: just pick a couple of pictures or your single cover and your track and let the tool do the rest!

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