[Exclusive] Rising Memphis Femcee Jay Money AKA Lil Daddy The Mack Releases “80’s Baby” Single

80’s Baby which is the newest release from up coming Memphis
female rap lyricist & recording artist Jay Money AKA Lil Daddy
The Mack is taking the Rap Game by Storm. Featuring a Rhythmic
beat and a deep drum line. This single resonates well with
those born in the 80’s and Xennials born from the late
1970’s thru the 1980’s amid the Corona- Virus Pandemic.

Jay Money delivers lyrics about overcoming negativity,
obstacles and hindering relationships. This record
offers positive advice within the hook, referencing
an era when things were done with respect, morals,
principles, values and codes, along time when the
Hip Hop and Rap Game first began take off.

Contributing more than just a positive message and
sound advice. 80’s Baby Features A Rhythmic Tune
and Deep Base Line That You Feel Coming Thru the
Speakers When You Hear It.

As always Jay Money ensured us that she stamped her
song with her famous trademark #ChurchOnThat the
lyrics she delivers on this track are sharp, wise,
and catchy. Delivered by the artist in her one
of a kind upbeat style this track is one of a
kind that leaves you vibing to every word
throughout the entire track.

Taking her Art to another level with her 2nd project
as a Female Stud Rapper which was once unbelievable.
Jay Money AKA Lil Daddy The Mack has profoundly
recreated herself, reformed and perfected her
craft enough to start making some History in
the Rap Game. Be on the lookout for more
upcoming releases from Jay Money AKA
Lil Daddy The Mack and in her words…..

“When I See Or Hear Something Real I Say” #ChurchOnThat

Follow Jay Money AKA Lil Daddy The Mack Now On All Platforms
And Check Out Her Mixtape #ChurchOnThat on Spinrilla.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order 80's Baby - https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jaymoneyakalildaddythemack/80s-ba...

Spinrilla Mixtape Link http://spnr.la/GBNKPaf2
FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/jaymoney.sumler
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/jaymoneysumler
Twitter- https://twitter.com/LilDaddyTheMack?s=09

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