For those who don't know, I am a GODBODY.  If you don't know what this is, then you need to do more research.  Although I am GODBODY, I am not a Five Percenter, although I do support some of their beliefs.  Here are some vocabulary words for those aspiring GODBODY's and HOODX bretheren.

POP-LOCK-To subconciously move the unconcious into the concious realm strategically.  This is used by one of the avatars or through a method of spiritual concentration being manifested into the physical realm.  Witchcraft is the extreme form of this.  A simple prayer is the lowest form of this.


JINN-The unseen spirits.  The spirits that whisper suggestions into human ears.  Taken from Islamic scripture.


TIME WITHOUT TIME- (Coming soon!)


CROSSOVER-Changing a frame of mind, usually through a form of liquor, or substance, but without becoming under the influence of the substance.  Having a smoke or a drink, and not finishing it.


SMOKING CRACK-Gossiping and becoming under the influence of  gossip and rumors.  Symptoms include wanting to buy material items.


DESPERATION LIT-Becoming influenced by desperation and letting your actions be controlled  by desperation.  This is common on Fridays and Mondays.


MADDEN LIT-Being admitted into a psychiactric ward.  Typically, there is a woman involved that felt that it was the best solution.


TRICKNOLOGY-The idea that one has to fool himself in order to even try to have faith.  This was done through witchcraft and the BASTARD LANGUAGE.


GRAVITY-The idea of being pulled "back down to earth".


AGENTS OF CHAOS-Any person who has the potential to bring any type of chaos into your day to day progression of synchronicity.


NIGHTWALKERS-Those who walk around at night, displaying only a silouhette.  These people often have no where in particular to go.


DECEPTACON-Television programming.  The strategic spread of KAYFABE and MK-ULTRA in order to program people and turn them into AGENTS.


EXAGGERATORS-Those who exaggerate comments or people's characters.  Comedians, rappers, and women are masters of this.


JUSTIFY THE CHARACTER-Circumstances that SMITH put one in that require that person to unfairly justify their character and prove they are by nature; good.  Women subconciously give what are called "shit tests" in order to get men to "justify their character" or "qualify themselves" to the woman.  


HOOP THEORY-A PUA concept of not directly answering women's questions, but can also be used with other types of people when necessary.  Answering questions with questions, or completely changing the subject entirely.


UNREALITY IS YOUR REALITY-Part of the SET ADDRESS to program women to keep men in a state of fear and confusion.  This is done by keeping things that are "not real" more important than things that are actually "real".  Listening to a person who is focusing on what's more likely not to happen than what actually probably will happen. Listening to a person who is focusing on what is "possible" instead of what is "probable".  Listening to a confused person.  Delsusional thinking, but making it "real" FOR YOU.    

This is also programming Manchurian Canidates, Mason, and agents to respond how they see characters on television respond to certain circumsances.  

For example, how a black person would respond if being called a "nigger" by a racist white person has been programmed into blacks for over sixty years.  So "how" a black person would respond to a situation like that has already been subconciously programmed into him.  

Or when women watch reality shows, then try and imitate the responses seen on the show (see Mason).  The person on the recieving end of the imitation is experiencing "UNREALITY AS THEIR REALITY".  This is an alteration of the one hundredth monkey effect.


CHAKRAS-The seven spining circles found near the butt, private area, belly button, heart, throat, third eye, and crown right above the head.  It is here that all feelings and emotions are centered from.  Each chakra gives off certain feelings and emotions, which in turn control our behavior as humans.  We create the physical manifestation of that feeling and emotion.  Every human has at least seven chakras.  Many people have "calcified" pineal glands, which means that their third eye is not properly working.  Certain groups of people are more subceptable to this than others.  Certain people may have charkas that are over or under developed, while having other chakras that are perfectly normal, or vice versa.



KABALLAH-A formulated method of understanding how God reveals himself to humans.  The study of Ein Sof.


LEFT BRAIN vs RIGHT BRAIN-Knowing and understanding that the left brain is more physical, strategic, and logical, while the right brain is more spiritual, risk taking, and emotional.  The left brain is more disciplined, while the right brain is more seductive.  Desperate people tend to gravitate toward what is more seductive and faith based than something strategic and disciplined.  


MK-ULTRA-Television and media brainwashing to the point where a person's actions can be controlled subconciously.  The person being controlled is known as the "Manchurian Canidate" or "Mason".  Different types of drugs are involved in MK-Ultra.  In turn, by knowing what type of reaction given by the Manchurian Canidate while under the influence of the drug, the media programming can be adjusted to give off extreme reactions in the Canidate, but not other people.  




JIM CROW- (Coming soon!)


PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE-A concept of the ego not being able to see the synchronicity of an event, causing the physical manifestion of becoming too prideful, or go out of the way to make one's prescence felt or not felt. Similar to the Desperaton Lit, but different in that the ego produces a manic-like state that causes a person to act as if the sychronic moment is defining who they are as a very person or as if "the world" is watching this defining moment.


BLACK MESSIAH- (Coming soon!)


KAYFABE- A concept taken from WWE.  Kayfabe is the industry portrayal of something staged/fake but presented in a way to make Manchurian Canidates believe that it is real.  Many movies like the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Cloverfield are all considered "kayfabe" movies.  Certain characters like Pee-Wee Herman, Hulk Hogan, and Mr. T are considered "kayfabe" characters because they are presented to the public as their true self, but are really performing.  Most "reality shows" try to blend the line between what is real and what is not.  95% of "reality shows" are kayfabe.  Most rap can be considered kayfabe, which was started in the late 1980's, with rappers pushing the agenda of "keep it real", while still performing under stage names and exaggerating to sell records.  Kayfabe is blending and mixing what is real and what is fake; Opposite of Tehuti, which is the seperation of what is real and what is fake.




BUILD WITH THE WIND-A concept of using an the left brain internal voice to talk to the right brain, and vice versa.  This produces the physical manifestation of what is called a "By Yourself Meeting", where you "build with the wind".  By talking into the wind, the subconcious taps into natural forces that bring forth the physical manifestation of that thought, if indeed it is "God-like".  This can be considered "faith-in-action."





JEZEBE(Coming soon!)L












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