Sept 23, 2012

So I got some great news! The HOODX.COM Publishing Company has been rolling along. I'll be posting a lot of articles about HOODX artists, stories and mythology, as well as jokes and virtues. I'm very inspired about the media I will be putting out. There are a lot of blogs out that try to keep up with what's popular. In turn, we decided to make our blogs RAW. So stay tuned for more on that....

But in the meanwhile, did you get a chance to check out the article on Trey Day, where he speaks on everything from the Chicago teacher strike to the murder of 16 year old Chicago rapper Lil Jojo?


Also, Stevie Franchise dropped in and gave us an interview while promoting his upcoming music video...


And now to those who don't like reading:

I directed a new video last month that was crazy. Wood Wizzard was pimping this girl so hard...putting her on to game..the entire time he's being watched buy this's crazy. Check it out:

Wood Wizzard-Training Day(OFFICAL VIDEO):

There's a lot of new networking going on, and big things happening. Seventy Ninth episode 6 is going to be released on October 1st! I will be interviewing a NEW ARTIST OF THE WEEK this week. His name is J.Reign. He sat down and spoke with us about his new video, "I'm Everywhere.". Check it out below! The interview will be posted this week!

J.Reign - Im Everywhere (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO):

Stay true...Get Money...Stay wise...Multiply the hood.
K-Blao HoodX

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