ILLABIT presents "DAWGS" from his album "BEFORE I DIE"

It is always a good day when you listen to quality music, and today, it is a great one, thanks to a young artist who, despite his age, releases music that shows a rare maturity even in the big names of this generation. Today, we have the great pleasure of listening to Illabit’s single “Dawgs”, one of the tracks from his “Before I Die,” a 7-track EP without a doubt one of the best Hip-Hop releases of 2020 so far! 

Illabit is a talented rapper and Hip-Hop artist from Providence, RI. Gifted with solid songwriting skills, this young talent has worked hard to create a very unique and distinctive sound that we can recognize from the very first seconds in each track. This is a gift that only great artists have!



Connect with Illabit!

Spotify: Illabit

Instagram: illabitmusic

Soundcloud: Illabit

Deezer: Illabit

Google Play: Illabit


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