Name: Preston A George Jr. 

City/State: Born in Baton Rouge/LA; Currently living in Houston, TX 

Stage Name: P.GZ.

Introducing @pgeezay

Genre: Male 

Coke/Pepsi/Dr.Pepper/Hawaiian Punch/Snapple/Tea - Sweet/Un-Sweet? Delaware Punch/ Unsweet Tea

 Favorite food? Thats a tough one lol 

Favorite artist? Soulja Slim 

How long have you been doing music? 15 years 

How would you describe your music? Positive Energy, Healing, wisdom, testimonies, good times
What are some of the biggest obstacles you have encounter? Severe Brain Damaging Accident 

Do you write all your music? Yes 

What is your inspiration for being in the music industry? It brings me joy to help and heal through my words and that began with writing poetry 

When you’re not in the studio what music do you listen to? Ol' Skool classics, 90's era R n B
What are some highlights in your music career? Never being heard before and the crowd giving real love to what they heard and witnessed 

How did you come up with the single you are pushing? "Silly Putty" Something I like to call clown network

Introducing @pgeezay 

What is your future goals for success? To be the leader I'm supposed to be in helping and healing 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? Kendrick Lamar, because he come from within his soulful spirit 

What advice can you give others who may follow in your footsteps? Be yourself... 

Where can our readers find your music? Soon to be on ITunes, Spotify, Internet Radio and Blogs
What are your social media sites?  

Instagram: @__pgz__ 

Twitter: @pgeezay 

Facebook: Preston George 

Soundcloud @pgz_therebirth

Contact info for you (i.e. manager, booking agent, etc.) T-Lady (832-630-5085)

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