Introducing Rising Artist Gmoneypayroll

Hip Hop Artist,Actor, Radio Personality, Song Writer and Producer "Gmoneypayroll" releases The 20-track album perfectly entitled “The Ghost of Biggie.”

The Camden, NJ indie G.O.A.T enlists a selection of features by élites Porta Rich and Sencity Music. The album is Also featuring T Porter Mdg, Shortyy Dope, See The Hustle, T-Sabotage, Fa-milli, Tech, Norf Boi Twonn, Snugglez, King Shinobe, Hanibul Hect, Ms Kesh, La Lito da Don, Mistr Frazier Maine Toast, DJ and Mista Goodbarz for a polished and mastered piece of epic Hip-Hop.

There is production by Don Michael jr and Buckroll as well as a few others.

“The Ghost of Biggie” gives listeners a no-skip track experience brimming with ingenious wordplay, storytelling, motion picture fused records, street, and club anthems, tributes, and of course Grade‑A bars. Retro sets the album off and lets the world know that Gmoneypayroll is raw, uncut, and emerging from the ruthless streets of Camden NJ with a laundry list of trials and tribulations to now cutting checks and celebrating success.

Counting Money Daily(Camden NJ Anthem) is Camden NJ's famed anthem that proves critics and statistics wrong telling them CMD means Counting Money Daily instead of Cash Murder and Drugs. In the Trenches validates the album and GMoney’s ability to win while treading through the trenches, moving further away from feds and closer to the prize.

I Remember, a more soulful track blended with modern cadences and chilling piano keys recalls being without, being counted out, and absorbing pain during the rain. But through it all GMoney stood tall and rose above the simple life. Life is Good piggybacks that theme, and celebrates his 24⁄7 grind, earned success, and even the shadow of clout chasers.

Never Go Broke justifies Gmoneypayroll’s determination and motivation which is his family. His plan is simple, to devise a game plan, execute, and never look back. Lucicious Lyon exudes a cosmic vibe with a grandiose message. Gmoneypayroll is far from average and refers to himself as a savage, a bad boy moving in silence while eyeing his prey. D*ckriders, clout chasers, and basic snakes get addressed in Say Dat. Gmoneypayroll is on and ready to go, will these broke boys step up to the plate and level up?

Cuffin’ Season and Just Me & You are records for the ladies. Gmoneypayroll has no qualms of wearing his heart on his sleeve for the right woman.

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