I've been pretty busy the past lot of day's with work jeet kun doe and recording that time was passing me by that I was neglecting myself a moment of silence to reflect and destress the negative vibes within my mind that I had to say fuck it. Rolled an extendo blunt and kicked back with a rum and coke with my paper and pad. That's when I started to think to myself. That yeah im pretty beat the fuck down from over stepping my safe zone. But overall I have alot to be greatful for. For starters im alive. Everything else secondary. I got a roof over my head got some food in the fridge. I got a job. I may be living check to check but it allows me to get by and continue to do what I love. Other folks don't have it so good. Especially in others countries. While mahfuggas dumping ice water over there heads in the states. People in africa are dying of thirst and ebola. Endless bombs being dropped in the middle east. Families being torn apart over a political gang fight. While some grown ass man acting like its the end of the world cuz he wasn't one of the first to cop a iphone 6. But people say im backwards.

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