Jay Ezra Releases Her Highly Anticipated Single "My First Love"

Raw, swag, dope and originality is some of the ways to describe Jay Ezra. She is unique with her style of rap, and flows though her lyrics that tells a story. Jay Ezra, the lady of lyrics signed to Atlas Elite Entertainment in 2018 is a amercian songwriter, singer and rap artist. She released her first single on SoundCloud with her first hit single intitled "My First Love" and the song can only be found of the SoundCloud platform. In the first few days it has over nine hundred thousand streams, and counting, since the release date on August 11th 2018. The new single is free for download for Jay Ezra's fans to give them something she wanted to share, while introducing herself to her new fans. Atlas Elite Entertainment is very proud of the buzz the single is creating for their new hip-hop artist. Angel Sessions, one of the founders of AEE saids, "Atlas Elite Entertaiment, Rodney Crews, Demetrius Guidry and myself, are so honored to have signed our new queen of Hip-Hop, Jay Ezra. She is super talented and has a passion and love for the music industry. I love her drive and the ability to deliver such great songs. We are looking forward to more great music from Jay Ezra." Jay Ezra is currently working on new material for the world to hear. But for now listen to "My First Love" and download it free to enjoy the sound of the lady of lyrics, Jay Ezra.

For more information visit Atlas Elite Entertainment at http://atlaseliteentertainment.com/

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