Ozzie also known as "Jur" is a Sufi Muslim born and raised on Long Island, NY of Kashmiri ancestry. The rising multi-talented artist is aiming to redefine a hip hop industry that is influenced by satan. In his music, Jur, shares positive inspirational messages of love and praising God and not being afraid to say worshiping satan is wrong. Jur aims to raise peoples vibration about their lower self or animal impulse, contrary to the majority of modern day hip hop. The unique artist has essentially created his own new genre of music that is captivating the attention of people and fans all around the world.

Elevate above the animal instinct. A new genre of music that combines the true essence of Sufism, teachings of elevating consciousness and contemporary music.

Elevate above the animal instinct. Modern dhikr "Allah Hu" by Ozzie Bute from the album Legacy 111. A form of worship through musical praise of the one God in Islam.







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