Kanino Hits Back with His Mind-Blowing Single ‘Bruce Wayne’

Kanino’s newly released single “Bruce Wayne (feat. Noah Scharf)” presents you with revolutionary hip hop and rap blends. This multi-talented artist from Sydney, Australia has blurred the lines of two different music genres and has created a musical masterpiece. He has been creating music from the year of 2008. He has been in the music and entertainment energy for quite some time. Due to his experience in the music industry, he has been able to work with some really famous artists from all over the world like the Canadian rapper Neeq, the British rapper Axsom and the R&B singer and songwriter James Zoudy. He has recently worked and produced some songs with Noah Scharf, Stitches and Dax.

Kanino’s brand new single Bruce Wayne (feat. Noah Scharf) smashes onto the scene with colour and style.  The passion and confidence work well with artist’s expressive lyricism and approach towards his music.  The ideas, optimism, and the motivational element in this track make it a pleasurable track which is worth listening to.  The fast paced soundscape and the leading vocal performance bring forth the personality and attitude of the artist. 

The powerful story-line perfectly stays in tune with the music which keeps the underlying sentiment of the music track intact. The lyricism makes you think and the serious tone creates a cinematic surrounding which leads to the development of the concept. The eclecticism in the beats, powerful hooks, and incredible rap verses really makes this music track stand out in the crowd.  It is a perfectly well produced piece of music that keeps you entertained and interested throughout the track.

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