Lions Den 360 artist Jordy Sam, Young Lew, and R. Peezy Baby are killing it as usual!
The brand new album Full Circle is a HIT!!

The northern section of the West Coast, Bremerton, Wa. to be exact brings you the extremely talented Jordy Sam & Young Lew’s “Full Circle”. all the songs are produced by Jordy Sam and co-written with Young Lew, 8 songs that we would describe as actual R&B with a Pop vibe not “over saturated” by auto tune. It’s obvious these guys are fans of “music”, you can really hear it on records like “Nerve”, where your not sure what that sound reminds you of, but it’s has a vibe that reminds you of something... just can’t put your finger on it..all you know is the vibe they are delivering is really HOT! 

“Addicted” has to be a for sure stand out track that clearly has a classic Craig David vibe… If ya’ll are familiar.

Production for this entire project is on point, with it’s own signature sound, that’s undeniable. You can stream this from top to bottom easy, but we really feeling Location, Your Chic, Popping Tonight and & Ready. So for a real R&B vibe, check Lions Den 360's Own Jordy Sam & Young Lew, “Full Circle” now available on ALL streaming platforms!

If you haven't purchased this album from ITunes do it now, its a MUST HAVE in your music Library!!!
It doesn't stop there, YES there is more Brand New Music out now and coming your way "Location" by Jordy Sam x Young Lew and R. Peezy Baby, "Your Chic" by Jordy Sam ft. Benny Frankz "Press The Issue" by R. Peezy Baby all 3 songs are FIRE and streaming on all streaming sites now!
All songs were mixed and mastered at BoomHouse Studio!

Brand New Hit Single Presented by Lions Den 360!


"EMPIRE" by DPH and Destinee is about Life & Relationships, sticking by your Man/Woman and building something great together...."EMPIRE" will be on the up coming album SMALL CITY BIG DREAMS VOL. 2


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