The hustle and bustle of life can take us back sometimes. Especially now that a pandemic plagues the world, keeping with reality can be a bit exhausting. That is why it is important to zone out occasionally and have a break with soothing, smooth to the ear music. A deep but easily relatable tune is what Mark Travis Louis, also known as Louis Travis, gives to his listeners. As someone who grew up by the sounds of music, best believe he’ll put you in the best mood even when it seems like it’s your worst day.Born in the 1990s, Louis Travis has an African-American Roots. He was raised in the hillside of Jamaica Queens, New York City. Travis is a vocalist/songwriter/lyricist specializing in the right mix of R&B soul, rap and hip hop music. He endeavors to make an artistically arranged sound with well-versed lyrics. He considers his musical technique as a hybrid of singing and rapping. Some of his motivation for creating his unique sounds are renowned rappers and singers such as Sade, Nas, 50 Cent, Micheal Jackson Jay-z, and many more.Travis’ music also speaks on the harsh realities of life itself. He sees it as an interwoven story of his relationships from the past and the present. He’d want to present it as the portrayals of his romance, personal, and lived experiences. His musical themes touch on sensitive subjects — whether it’s a break-up, infidelity, or a broken home, these are the inspiration for a perfect lyricism.Naturally, Travis’ audience for his music is people who have been through a lot. He wants his arrangement to resonate with them during challenging days. Aside from this, he also wants to inspire kids to pursue music. Notably, he wishes that the younger ones would make songs that still rhyme. It’s one of the indications that they put real thought into their creative work. Louis believes that’s how music lasts forever.As a very confident and competitive person, he continues to improve his sound amidst this pandemic with a built-in home studio. He is gearing up to release his second project entitled “Subzero.” When asked about this project, he said it will be “freezing cold.“ It will speak for many people, especially those going through painful experiences in life. Frostbite is the introduction to the cold lyrical theme with the versatility powers included.













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