LUNA13: The Wicked Gods have arrived

They often say that music evolves according to the times we live in, but there are times where there are bands that push the envelope even further and result in getting rejection, mostly because of not offering music based on consensus.

This is perhaps why the Metal genre has often been left out of the mainstream media for many decades and only a handful of groups (Tool, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Slayer) can brag about being cultural phenomenon in the music business. Therefore, when the news broke out that LUNA13 was pulled off stage in Las Vegas late 2017, it didn’t seem to be a surprise.

For those that are not informed, LUNA13 is a Black/Bass/Metal project that has been around for a couple of years and they are mostly known for their extreme live performances, not only in terms of their music but also about the dark spirituality (they are Witches) and the entertainment they provide, with the latter aspect being the one that got them into trouble at the Artisan in Las Vegas.

The story in Vegas, if you missed it, was that Lilith Bathory started a blood-drinking ritual during the concert while wearing nothing more than a thong and pasties. The security team of the Artisan quickly stopped the concert and removed the band from the stage, claiming that they broke the venue’s nudity code.

Since then, LUNA13 has been somewhat neglected by the Bass music scene where they originally came from, but they haven’t backed down on their music vision and what they try to offer during their live shows, which has resulted in them being embraced by some parts of the Black Metal scene. In fact, LUNA13 has been winning various Electro/Black Metal awards and receiving platitudes about the intensity of their live concerts and how they have managed to add an even more extreme vein to what already is a very extreme music genre.

One of the biggest accomplishments for any type of band is to find a unique music identity and to be able to make an impact on the audience, which is exactly what LUNA13 has achieved over the years. LUNA13 has quickly become one of the United States’ more extremes bands and offering something really unconventional, musically and theatrically speaking, which is saying much considering how the Black and Death Metal scenes have evolved throughout the years.

Taking risks is something inherent to art and the best music, especially the one that has been made by Metal bands, has never been done based on consensus, so it’s not surprising to see LUNA13 been avoided in some circles, but that is a natural byproduct of taking a stand and going as extreme and dark as you can possibly go. When LUNA13 was nominated as one of the top 5 new Black Metal bands to look out for and one of the top 5 Death Metal bands in Los Angeles, it seemed that Black/Bass/Metal was a real contender. Also let me add, LUNA13 has an incredibly heavy and unique live sound. I saw them open for POSSESSED and was caught off guard by the power of a girl with horns and a guy behind a facade of Baphomet. They entertained a sold out, hungry black metal audience.

The band is going to release their next album, Wicked Gods, on September 9th through Cleopatra Records and songs Serpent, Evil Loves, Leviathan and Blood Bath are certain to take the Bass/Metal project to the next level.

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