Make your Move with the Punjabi Hip-Hop and Rap Mix ‘College’ by TBM on Soundcloud

The greatness of hip-hop and rap is spread out all over the world. It has crossed all the cultural, lingual and societal barriers. Punjabi hip-hop is the outcome of this global acceptance. This sub-genre of hip-hop came into existence as a result for the revolution of Indian artists in music. Punjabi hip-hop is quite an offbeat thing in the Indian music scenario but despite all such factors, it managed to become one of the most successful genres.

College is amongst the most recent productions of TBM creating buzz around Soundcloud. This track is just sound-perfect for either your house party or a party at the club. The Punjabi beats have got perfectly mixed with the western hip-hop sound and has crafted a beautiful ambiance. ‘College’ is surely working as a mind freshener for the music admirers.

The rap by Money in ‘College’ will make you refreshed. This DJ mix has the perfect musical balance throughout. TBM is widely accepted around the world for the unique hip-hop essence. This mix will attract you more if you are from the young generation. Become the fan of TBM by into his official profile on Soundcloud.

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